Led Torches

Led Torches

I am a bit of a torch freak, always looking for the brightest, smallest and most efficient models. If you have looked around for a torch recently you will have noticed the current buzz in the world of torches is the LED Lenser. Now this torch uses Light emitting diodes (LED) instead of the more usual Bulbs. So the burning question is what the LED can do for me. Let us shed a little light on the subject.

LED’s are usually used in consumer electronics. Usually are indicator lights. Such are the green light on your monitor, which tells you it is on.

An LED is a special type of diodes that emit light when power is running through them. LED’s for the most part run at low voltages usually between about 1 and 4 volts. They also draw a small amount of current, usually below 40 milliamps. This means that the battery in a LED torch will last a lot longer than in a xenon or halogen torch.

LED’s have changed dramatically over the past few years. They are far, far more powerful than they used to be and are now available in practically any colour under the sun, not just that grubby green colour on the front of your monitor.

A single LED can produce only a limited amount of light, and only a single colour at a time. Until recently white and blue light (the most practical colours) have been hard to produce. To achieve the effect of white light, three approaches can be used: Wavelength Conversion, Colour Mixing, and most recently something called Homoepitaxial ZnSe. This makes blue and white LED’s much more expensive than the other colours.

One fantastic thing about LEDs is how long they last. They have a lifespan of over 10yrs of continuous use.

The white LED torch provides a similar light output to its incandescent bulb counterpart yet uses far less current from the battery. The light is also whiter than halogen or xenon bulbs, and the beam more usable, as makers often cluster several LEDs together to illuminate a wide area. Hand-held torch with 128 LEDs combine to generate an impressive light source.

The best luminous efficacy of an OLED so far is about 10% of the theoretical maximum of 683, or about 68 lm/W. It should be noted that high-power (≥ 1 Watt) LEDs are necessary for practical general lighting applications.

I was looking for a good torch to add to my tool collection, and after looking at the Maglite range with their LED conversion kits I found the Led Lenser.

The LED Torch has truly revolutionized portable lighting.

For years, traditional incandescent bulb flashlights have provided limited illumination, dark spots and lighting for only short periods of. LEDs are much brighter and have a longer life span than standard flashlight bulbs. LED Lenser flashlights feature superior quality optics & use only the finest materials. Led technology represents one of the most fascinating future light sources: it can be modelled in a thousand different ways, through colour and light intensity, ideal for both the industrial and architectural markets, for urban and many other applications.

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