LED Light Bulbs: New Generation Leflectors Provide Brightness and Efficiency

LED Light Bulbs: New Generation Leflectors Provide Brightness and Efficiency

Having bright, efficient lighting in both the home and the office is an ever growing important issue. LED lights are the most logical solution for this sort of application and the LED leflector light bulbs are just the right item to install in your office and home to achieve optimal energy efficiency and comfortable working light.

MR16 halogen compatible LED leflector lighting has just emerged onto the market, and those who are looking for a more affordable lighting option are being pleasantly surprised by these lights. More and more home contractors and building planners are incorporating LED lighting into their plans because of their versatility, efficiency and brightness. What is so special about LED leflector light bulbs versus a standard 12 volt light bulb? First of all, they are a completely different type of light bulb technology. LED Leflector lights utilize a Lumileds Luxeon LED that creates a bright home lighting source that has all the energy savings you would expect from an LED light fixture.

Led leflector light bulbs are a versatile light source that can be utilized in the most stylish and eye-appealing light fixtures available. Leflector light bulbs are perfect for vaulted ceiling light fixtures that are present in many new homes or office condominiums. Leflector light bulbs also work well with track lighting systems.

For those who like to set the mood, LED bulbs can be purchased in just about any color that a traditional 12 volt light bulb can be purchased in. This means that you do not have to sacrifice the ambience that you wanted to achieve in order to get a longer lasting, more efficient light bulb. Leflector lights come in white, red, blue, and green and can be found for flood lighting and spot light beam lighting applications as well.

The best part about switching from standard 12 volt light bulbs to the revolutionary new LED light bulb system is that LED light bulbs are many times more efficient than traditional light bulbs. They can provide any where from 50,000 to 100,000 hours of consecutive light – this translates into five to ten years of continual use off of one light bulb without ever having to change it.

We all want to save money and time. Leflector light bulbs can help the average person save not only money on light bulbs and the cost to constantly replace them, but also on the monthly electricity bill. When operated for four hours a day, leflector light bulbs cost a mere 30 cents a day to operate. Traditional fluorescent or halogen bulbs are more costly to operate than most people realize, and LED leflector light bulbs are an effective option for replacing them because they won’t have to be changed again for a very long while and they will help to save money on the light bill as well.

For businesses or households looking to achieve a balance between style, efficiency, and longevity, LED leflector light bulbs are one of the more realistic and effective lighting options to choose from.

~Ben Anton, 200