Lease A Private Jet and Travel in the Lap of Luxury

Lease A Private Jet and Travel in the Lap of Luxury

If the executives of your company have to travel regularly, leasing a private jet can help you in your business to a great extent. Whether you are concerned about time, flexibility, safety or privacy, a chartered executive private jet seems to be the order of the day. Luxury private jets are the signature of high-flying business people. Leasing a private jet for personal use is also beneficial.
The cost of leasing a private jet may be a little high, but the safety and time-savings that they offer easily justify the cost. Leasing a private jet has several advantages:

It’s Hassle-free
While using commercial flights, you have to go through the mandatory time-consuming security check-ups. Removing shoes, unpacking and repacking carry-on luggage, standing in queues takes up a lot of time. You may even be required to arrive at the airport several hours early.
On the other hand, imagine no luggage or security checks, no removing your shoes, no queues and no delayed planes. With private jet charter; pilot, crew members and stewardess are available for you 24/7. Your chartered private jet is waiting for you to take off, rather than you waiting for your flight to take off.

Save Precious Time
Time is money for top corporate executives. Being stranded at a commercial airport for several hours is a complete wastage for time. Executive’s time is valued at and its wastage can’t be justified at any cost.
Therefore, executive private jets become the best option. It’s time efficient and maximizes productivity of the employees by saving their valuable time.

Luxurious Interior
On a private charter jet you are offered a luxury which you can never dream of receiving in a commercial plane. The seats are extremely comfortable with plenty of leg room. They almost look like a comfortable living room with TV, phone lines, computer as well as fully stocked bars.
Apart from that, the oxygen flow in the interior of a private jet is much superior. On a commercial plane, pilots often reduce the oxygen level to minimize costs aggravating the effects of jet lag.

Guarantees Confidentiality
Executives of giant companies have a busy life. They like to work when flying. Now commercial flights don’t make it possible. After all it’s like risking your company’s confidential information by working on a laptop which half a dozen people can see.
Traveling on a private jet ensures the confidentiality of your business. You can work or even conduct business meetings aboard with a relaxed mind without being bothered about spying eyes.

Additional Comfort
You can have menus and drinks customized according to your needs and demands. If your trip is for pleasure your favorite forms of entertainment are also arranged.

Stay grounded
Hold a conference inside the cabin, or talk to people on the ground. As majority of the private jets have excellent, sophisticated communication equipments, you can always stay in touch.

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure on a private jet you are assured personalized service in every aspect of your travel. It truly is the ultimate way to travel. Enjoy the opulence and luxury of a private jet, save time and have peace of mind.

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