Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior design is the design of aspects of
environmental psychology, architecture and product

A person who designs interiors as part of their job is
an interior designer. Interior design is the creative
practice that redefines the interior of a structure
using decor.

There are many aspects and areas of interior design,
and a person going to school to learn interior design
can specialize in any one of them, the types are only
limited by the imagination, willingness, and bank

With an open mind you can open yourself to a whole new

Interior design can improve quality of life as well as
work surroundings. Many businesses that open hire an
interior designer in order to make their business more
aesthetically pleasing to both employees as well as

Restaurants also use specialized interior designers in
order to draw the customer in and make them think they
are hungry.

Interior design can also be used to make life easier
for the elderly and the disabled by incorporating
user-friendly aspects into the home or environment.

Interior design elements can be drawn from anywhere
and anything. Many people choose an interior design
based on region, religion, or simply on their personal

While choosing an interior designer to decorate your
home, you will be losing the personal aspect of having
a home that feels like your own.

There are numerous books and classes available on
interior design, so you can familiarize yourself with
the aspects of interior design and have a home you can
be proud of.

Interior Design