In the State of Mississippi the limit of blood alcohol concentration level for individuals below the age 21 is 0

In the State of Mississippi the limit of blood alcohol concentration level for individuals below the age 21 is 0

If you are arrested under Mississippi DUI law, you will have a case to answer with the state’s Department of Motor vehicles as an administrative case. Once you refuse to comply with their directives for chemical testing or that the chemical level in your blood exceeds 0.08% your driver’s license will be seized from you. You might be suspended from going close to a car for three to twelve months.|In the state of Mississippi if you must protect your license, it is imperative that you file a test refusal petition with the appropriate authority within the space of 10 days from the time you were taken custody. This does not mean your license won’t be suspended rather it will help you get a fair hearing.

In typical hearing of DUI cases in Mississippi, juries are not required. What is done is a review of the offender’s case to ascertain if the state’s Deportment of Motor Vehicle inquired with the state to revoke your driving privileges. |It is important to seek for hearing the moment you have an opening to do so. Because most DUI cases are treated as criminal cases. A hearing will make sure you retain the assistance of a DUI attorney, who will then discredit the officers or agents to show you were wrongly charged. |In Mississippi the punishment meted on a DUI offender rests on age, the offenses the drivers has committed before and the severity of the offence. A look back period normally helps prosecutors to determine the class of the offense you will be charged with.

Do you know that if you had a DUI offense that happens in the space of five years as the last conviction, you will be classifies as a second time offender? However, if it is more than five years, you will be penalized as a first time offender. The moment you are convicted three times within five years again you will be convicted for felony in the state of Mississippi.|In the state of Mississippi for instance there are numerous punishments for driving under the influence offenses. Based on the magnitude of the offense a driver will be penalized by revocation or suspension as his offenses increase.

Do you want to have your driver’s license reinstated? If you are in the state of Mississippi you will be mandated to undergo a 12-hour alcohol safety education program that will be financed by you .more so, evidence of payment of fines and the completion of jail sentence must be shown before you can be allowed to go free.|Driver’s license reinstatement in Mississippi can only be effective after meeting some certain requirements. More so, you should be ready to part with 0 as reinstatement fee with the evidence that you have a car insurance policy. You will want to engage the service of a DUI attorney to help you out.|When it comes to the granting of hardship license in Mississippi, you can only be considered if the driving under the influence offense you were convicted of is your first offense. With this hardship license you will be able to get to important places that matter to you.

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