I am a cat lover from way back

I am a cat lover from way back

Three years ago my sister gave me a cat teapot. It was a black and white cat sitting. The cat’s right paw was extended and made the spout for the pot. Even though it was a working ceramic tea pot I never used it for anything more than a showpiece. I would not even put pre-made tea in it to pour into cups.

I just did not want to risk ruining it. That was when I decided to collect cat teapots. The collection began as a present so I officially put the word out as a good gift idea for me was a cat teapot. After several years had passed, I realized that people either did not pick up the hint or they just could not find them. I began to seek out cat teapots on my own.

I found several through the Internet. The most fun that I had with searching for a cat teapot was looking through consignment shops and second hand stores. There are few things as satisfying as finding a little gem in a store with so many items. After a few years the pickings became slim. I was able to collect thirty four cat teapots.

Sadly the day came that my most prized cat teapot met with a tragic end. Ironically, my cat knocked it off the counter and it smashed into several pieces. It was completely destroyed. I searched frantically for years to find another one but with no luck.

I then decided to try to make my own. I took a pottery class and once I was able to make pots and cups I talked to the instructor about creating my own cat teapot. The instructor was intrigued with the idea and immediately warned me that teapots were difficult enough to make, let alone a teapot shaped like a cat.

First I was instructed to draw out the cat teapot on paper. Then I made up a blueprint of sorts and finally, we were ready to get started. The cat teapot took several weeks to sculpt. My instructor assisted me with the more complicated shapes. We fired the teapot and then I was able to decorate it. I finally replaced my precious cat teapot myself.