How to Train for USA Triathlon

How to Train for USA Triathlon

One of the greatest marvels in human experiences is the beginning of each adventure or misadventure. And with each time we begin, the experiences we’ve learned prove to be more beneficial than not starting at all.

Each step of training must be regulated and done according to the typical (and standard) measures that must be used to avoid definite pitfalls.

On training for a USA triathlon, a beginner must secure to it that he had been active for quite several months before joining a competition. That way, his body is more or less conditioned to the rigidity of routines involved in the courses. After all, triathlon is not for the faint-hearted. One must literally have the discipline and endurance enough to keep him in the game.

For a start, beginners should first see their physician to gather data on the routine that must first be done. Current health statues is vital in initiating a training program for a triathlon.

Of the three stages in a USA triathlon, the swim is the most intimidating aspect. Begin with your feet getting wet. Advance to longer distances after several months. (It takes a very slow process to build endurance remember?) Start with two or four laps and develop gradually until you can do continuous swimming of 400 to 600 meters.

Though you may have trained well, pool swimming is still different from open water swimming. It will require you to adapt and so take advantage of the training time to make yourself accustomed to crowded lake swimming.

Cycling takes up most of the race duration. Please allow considerable attention on training this aspect. The first move shall be the choosing of the bike. Professionals from bike shops can best help you in your choice. However, your personal preference must still be on top. Assure to it that your choice fits your cycling needs, body and allows comfortable rides.

During training, it is important that you know the type of terrain that you will encounter. This will help dictate the course for which you will conduct your practice.

The run may be the easiest junction of the race. Nevertheless, it still requires the endurance and strength the above activities require.

Practice also on the transition stages. These usually are the most challenging parts that will outdo the major parts.

Because injury is a normal part of the competition, it would be best for the trainee to avoid any circumstances that will lead towards such incidences. Practices like warming up and cooling down, gradual increase in distances and wearing of appropriate suits, clothes and accessories must have some place in your attention.

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