How to Obtain the Benefits of a Free Online Dating Service

How to Obtain the Benefits of a Free Online Dating Service

The newest trend for getting in touch with singles for dating and friendship purposes is through a free online dating service. A method of meeting people proven safe, easy, convenient, and successful!

According to a recent article written February 14, 2005, outlining research conducted by the University of Bath in Bath, England, old-fashioned romance can successfully be found over the Web using free online dating services.

Latest Research Results on Online Dating

Dr. Jeff Gavin conducted the study along with fellow doctors Adrian Scott, also of the University of Bath, and Jill Duffield, of the University of the West of England. Together they surveyed 229 people between the ages of 18 and 65, all of whom used online dating sites.

Their findings? 94% of all persons who met their online dating counterpart once also met them a second time, and went on to establish relationships that lasted at least 7 months.

Survey results also showed that couples who remained in contact through the dating web site via the chat room, instead of simply e-mailing one another, bonded closer together and understood one another better than those who did not.

Making Free Online Dating Services Work for You

Simply put, joining a free online dating site can successfully put you in touch with the man or woman of your dreams. And the best part is, these type sites offer you totally free online dating. No strings attached!

Also noted in the same study, a full 24% of all persons who dated through the online dating site, established close relationships still going strong after one year. That is nearly one out of every four relationships. A high percentage by anyone’s calculations.

Make your free online dating site work for you! Sites such as Link offer a safe method to meet other persons with similar interests. Each member’s profile is available for viewing, helping you discover possible candidates for long term friendship, or even romance.

Voice and video recordings can be added to profiles, greatly enhancing the experience. Guidelines for using the totally free online dating site’s various features are also available, as well as helpful dating tips for safety purposes and increased success.

Put your best foot forward, but be honest in representing yourself. Avoid cheap dialog and mind games that will rob you of the opportunity to meet sincere members who are truly looking for that special someone.

By joining a free online dating, service you open the doors to possibilities; for romance and friendship, increasing your chance of finding Mr. or Ms. Right. It’s free…so what have you got to loose?

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