How to Create the Most Memorable Photo Christmas Cards Received by ALL

How to Create the Most Memorable Photo Christmas Cards Received by ALL

Generic, store-bought, holiday greeting cards have served their purpose of sending a festive greeting to those we think about during this special time of year. Please note that the key word here is ‘served’- past tense is used, for such cards will probably be seen quite soon on a shelf in the Smithsonian under the title, “Antique Holiday Greeting Cards”, as photo holiday greeting cards are taking over.

Amazing advances in computers and photography have made it easier that ever to snap the ideal photo to represent your family to those on your holiday card mailing list. Digital cameras allow you to take the picture, view it, erase it and retake it within minutes, all before downloading it to your computer or printing it immediately through your printer.

Recent trends have changed from the traditional family photo with everyone dressed in their Sunday Best and set into a proper sort of pose into a more casual themed attire. A shot of everyone, including the dog, all wearing red, Santa-style hats and collarless red shirts create a more playful, everyday sort of look, showing the family as they typically are.

Each year, thousands upon thousands of would-be photo greeting card senders don’t get the chance, for they were completely unhappy with the finished product. Maybe they tried to create it themselves on their PC and realized that they weren’t as computer savvy as they had thought (or at least hoped). When it comes to this once a year symbol, an annual image of your family that will be sent across town and across the globe, there should be no messing around: leave it to the experts.

Of course, there are traits for you to look for in such a company, as you shouldn’t leave this important task to just anyone. First, find a company that creates unique card templates each year- not one that just changes the year and leaves the same background. Unless, of course, you choose to have the same template each year and simply change the year and photo for all to see exactly how your family is changing.

Make sure that you have options for the size of your finished card, as well as the finish (matte or gloss) involved. A better company will have options for the paper other than the finishes, such as an option to have your cards be actual photographs using real photo paper that can be framed and/or scrap-booked by the recipient.

You’ve spent an entire year with your family, but not everyone else has had the privilege. Creating memorable holiday photo greeting cards is one way to ensure a special place in the hearts of all who receive them.

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