How To Create A Winning Political Campaign Sign

How To Create A Winning Political Campaign Sign

Campaign signs may not look much but they are often the most effective area of your political campaign. The visibility of your campaign signs gives you exposure like no other media can; taking you into homes you would not get into otherwise. The important question though is how to create winning signs.

Quantity vs. Quality

There are plastic signs, and then there are paper signs, and plastic coated paper signs. Paper signs are cheaper and yet they are also easily ruined by rain or bad weather, so are they worth the funds you spend on them? Plan with your weather conditions in mind; you can use plastic coated paper signs, those are easily readable and stand the test of weather better, but then again, plastic signs can work for you too. They are relatively expensive and they can get hard to read after being exposed to bad weather but if you are ordering in a large quantity, plastic campaign signs can do the job. For once, quantity wins over quality; give yourself as much exposure as you can manage.

What makes the Cut?

A lot can be said on a campaign sign, and why not is what most people ask; there is space on it! Before you decide what you want on the sign, work out the basics of visual effect and retention of the message.

Colors Matter

Decide the colors of your political campaign sign with care. You may love white but will it work? Consider it a bad option in winter; would it stand out against the natural background with snow around? Surely not. Contrasting colors work very well but be sure to not mix your color with your opponent’s; if your campaign signs look the same it is bound to confuse voters.

Oh I look great!

There is something about photographs that makes people associate with you, they know you by face and a good image can really boost your campaign. But then again, if you have your picture on your campaign banner it is more likely to distract the voters from reading your name, or checking your election icon. They do not have photographs on the ballot paper, unfortunately, will your voter remember the name of the great looking guy on the banner?

Everyone Knows the Name

That’s exactly the point. You want your campaign sign to get your voters to know you. Make yourself a household name people will recognize. Most people miss the trick with the names. It is vital that you promote it well and make sure you distinguish yourself from your opponents. Make your surname stands out and keep it bigger than the first name, or put it in block letters or in bold…you get the picture.

Political Party Affiliations

Your affiliations matter, they tell people of your ideals and as such, when the election is about jurisdictions where political affiliations matter, it is good to mention what party you are from. It is also important to know when not to mention political affiliations though. That would be when you know your party is not popular in an area, when it can work against you, yes, overlooking to mention the simple things can help.


Have you tried reading roadside signs while driving by? It is hazardous to try and it is probably a useless exercise you should not indulge in. The shorter you keep your campaign sign the better it would be. Make sure to get your identity across, political slogans and such can be restricted to places where you know people will stop and have time to read more. Strategic locations such as around schools where parents come to pick up children etc. work well.

Your Constituency

People can get to know you through your name and that you are running in the elections, but make sure to tell them what you are running for. Mention if you are running for the local town council or the mayor’s position or even congress but be brief, people do not want to know if it is the 20th council or the 205th, just guide the vote in.

Use Icons

It is the information age after all, use icons instead of slogans, and why not? People do recognize the major political parties with their icons, and they are those who have spent millions on campaigning so they use the most effective and time tested methods, watch and learn!

Your political campaign signs are a way of presenting your candidature to the voters, you can present it within the laws or you can push them too, but remember that a politician who does not show respect for the law can easily lose respect of the voter too. Stay within legal limits; do not forget to include the disclaimer printed on your campaign signs as to who paid for them. And finally, make the posting of your signs a public relations campaign. The more people you convert during this stage the more votes you are likely to land.

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