How to choose the right structured settlement broker

How to choose the right structured settlement broker

A prospective seller of a structured settlement payment is better served utilizing the services of a structured settlement broker rather than approaching a buyer directly. The same is true for an individual who is about to come into a large sum of money via a structured settlement payment. This is because with a broker mediating a deal, it works out best for all the parties involved.

While selling a structured settlement, taking help from a broker is recommended as a broker maintains professional contacts with several underwriters and is thus in a position to offer the best deal to a seller. One should ensure that the broker is not working exclusively for a selected few underwriters as it may result in lower lump sum payments.

A seller can take help from an attorney who has had past dealings with structured settlement brokers and knows the right questions to ask. One should focus queries on the cost of the process and time involved.

The broker should be experienced enough to handle the intricacies of a structured settlement and variables affected by individual situations. This ability makes an experienced broker a valuable asset in ensuring that the settlement process takes place fast and efficiently. The brokers should also possess all the means of communication so that time is not lost and there is less paper clutter at the client’s end.

A structured settlement broker can provide an indication of the costs and time involved in selling a structured settlement. The broker’s inputs will be useful in deciding the right amount of payments to sell. Alternatively, when an individual is obtaining a structured settlement payment through an out-of-court settlement or lottery winnings, the broker analyses the best possible payment scenario for his client after understanding his concerns. This helps the beneficiary in availing the settlement payments in the best possible manner. The broker’s efforts also involve imparting tax-planning and investment advice to his clients.

Ideally, the structured settlement broker should be registered with the Department of Justice, be registered in a state of America, and with one insurance company at least. Brokers should be insured against errors and omissions and should have a reputation for fair dealing.

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