How To Care for Ferrets

How To Care for Ferrets

Ferrets can live for up to 10 years or even more. This depends on how you to care of them so if you want to enjoy this friendship for the long term, it is best to read on further.

One thing you have to know about ferrets is that they are nocturnal creatures. They sleep during the day for up to 18 hours or more but when they are awake, they are very active and would like to play with their owner.

But how do you care for a ferret? Since ferrets need to eat, you must give them food that is consisting of meat and poultry products that are rich in protein and low in fat. You must never anything that is high in sugar and carbs as this causes health problems. The same goes for food intended for other animals.

Giving your ferret water is also important. You can give this to them in the form of a bottle or a bowl as they too get dehydrated.

Your pet should also have roomy cage to stay in. Ideally, this should measure 18” x 18” x 30”. Some owners may purchase a multilevel cage so they can go up and down instead of just staying on one level. The cage should be escape proof so it is not able to get out when you are not home.

It will also be a good idea to buy toys for the ferret to play with. You should make sure that these can withstand their razor sharp teeth because they may swallow it. Since ferrets also need exercise, you can bring this out with you and go for a walk provided that it has a leash.

The ferret should only be let out of the cage with proper supervision. This will prevent them from chewing cords, carrying away small objects, swallowing things or escaping out the house which is better known as ferret proofing your home.

So there are not stains on the carpet, it is best to toilet train the ferret. You can do so by buying or making a litter box and then putting some waste there so it knows that this is the place to go when they have to answer nature’s call.

To further reinforce this thinking, it is best to reward them with a snack. This approach can also be used to teach them to do other tricks. One example is using a squeaky toy which tells them to come running back to you if you are not able to catch them. Other tricks which are also taught to dogs are fetch, play dead or roll over.

But if you have a baby ferret, you should start first with kitten food for the first three years before buying ferret food. This should be done gradually of course and you can add a few other items like meat or poultry bones and snacks like cereals, fruits and vegetables in moderation.

Don’t forget to bring your ferret for his or her regular checkup with the vet. States that allow you to own one require you to have it vaccinated once a year.

You will have a great time caring for a ferret as long as you have followed the directions mentioned above. Who knows? You might want to get another one as other have because the more, the merrier.