How to Become a Home Inspector

How to Become a Home Inspector

These days, people are always moving or relocating. It’s actually a trend as old as time itself. And because of that, people are always buying new homes located in the new neighborhood they have moved into. Now, for a home inspector, you know what that means. It means the home inspector has a job to do – to have a look-see at the house the client is planning to purchase.

Making a career out of how to become a home inspector is a good idea. People are always looking for a home inspector anyways to help them determine the condition of the building or the home they are trying to purchase. A good home inspector who is trained in all the right way of doing his job is not limited to inspecting just homes. Because of his training and background in construction, he may also branch services to include inspecting commercial buildings and such.

How to become a home inspector is not that hard. Like all disciplines, how to become a home inspector is learned through time and training. A lot of study courses online offer programs designed to help you on how to become a home inspector. These programs on how to become a home inspector more or less include the following modules:

* Home Inspection Basics
* Structures
* Interiors
* Insulation
* Exteriors
* Roofs
* Building Codes
* Plumbing
* Electrical
* Heating
* Air Conditioning
* Heat Pumps

Because the job of the home inspector is not only to assess the condition of the external structures of a home, but the internal systems as well, becoming a home inspector can get quite technical, hence, the study modules presented above.

But the great thing about these how to become a home inspector courses is that they are offered online, which means of course that greater convenience is afforded you. Most of these online courses only last a few months or so, from as little as three months to six months max. Often, textbooks, study guides, and tests are parceled with the courses you’ve taken so you don’t even have to worry about where to procure those. If not, then you can always get your own reference materials via the Internet as well.

Getting Started

If you want to know how to become a home inspector, it is important that you first understand that home inspection is, first and foremost, a business. As such, you will need to learn about insurance requirements, reporting options, and administrative procedures. Joining professional associations is one good way about learning all these and getting some tips on how to become a home inspector. Once you become a member of one of these associations, marketing opportunities should be a lot easier to come by since one of the perks of belonging to an association is establishing a common client base and sharing it with fellow members.

After you’ve learned all that you need to learn on the business side of how to become a home inspector, it is now time for you to learn the actual trade. Your online course on home inspection should come in handy right about now.

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How to Become a Home Inspector