How LED Flashlights Make Hunting Easier

How LED Flashlights Make Hunting Easier

While in the wilderness, a hunter has only his wits and hunting gear to rely upon. It is only through sheer cunning and the proper equipment that a hunter can hope to successfully complete a hunting objective safely. Not every hunter may have the smarts and skill necessary to achieve a hunting goal, but all hunters have the potential to have the proper hunting gear to help them.

Starting with the basic hunting gear and making sure that it is appropriate is the best first step toward a successful hunting trip. Where safety is concerned, one primary piece of hunting gear is a reliable, high quality flashlight, like and LED tactical torch or professional flashlight.

There are many different aspects that set professional quality hunting flashlights apart from your everyday flashlight. Lesser quality lights use inefficient poor quality incandescent bulbs. For an activity like hunting, LED technology really is the better option. High-intensity LED bulbs give off a brighter, clearer light for greater distances. They also have a much longer bulb and battery life, making them more energy efficient and less expensive to maintain in the long run.

Many professional hunting flashlights also include a variety of different LED light colors to help preserve night vision. With lower quality incandescent flashlights, you will rarely find multiple light functionality. However with professional hunting flashlights there are many options available that include more than one light bulb color within the same flashlight housing. For instance, a professional LED flashlight may include a hyper bright white light, and then a dimmer green or red bulb for use when reading equipment, maps or instructions in the dark. These alternate colors help sustain night vision without creating light noise in the surrounding area. This is a highly important feature for sportsmen looking for versatility in a compact form factor, virtually eliminating the need to carry around multiple light sources.

Many hunting LED flashlights also offer dimming light functions so that hunters can choose the exact light level necessary to complete whatever task. Dimmable bulbs are important for preserving night vision, as well as the ability not to spook nearby animals with overly bright lights. This focusing and dimming of light beams is usually controlled by a simple switch or knob that can be operated with ease using one hand.

Form factor can also play a large role in what separates a professional quality hunting flashlight from a standard flashlight. Sportsmen are usually overrun with the hunting gear that they have to carry. Having a small, durable, and light weight flashlight is highly important. Additionally the flashlight must be easy to grip in all kinds of conditions – hunters may need to operate a flashlight with wet or muddy hands or while wearing bulky gloves.

Lights for hunting don’t always have to take the form of a flashlight or torch. Many hunters will take a sturdy lantern or lamp with them to help bathe a larger area in light, like a base camp area or a kill site. LED lanterns offer the same simple switch capabilities, bright light, and battery efficiency as their flashlight counterparts. Others wear a headlamp or flex light on their head or attached to their vest so that they have a small, powerful light at the ready and still have full use of their hands.

Hunting takes skill. It takes practice. It takes appreciation for nature. It also takes quality equipment. Don’t settle for anything less than the best hunting light available when putting together your hunting fear.

~Ben Anton, 2008

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