Hot Stone Massage-Aroma Therapy Oh My

Hot Stone Massage-Aroma Therapy Oh My

Not too many things in this world are as relaxing as a hot stone massage. Some where between a Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage the hot stones will put you right in short order. Do not do this without the proper training, however, you could over heat the stones and cause burns.

Heat the stones for the hot stone massage for 15-20 minutes according to the heating unit instructions. The heating unit will heat the stones to the desired temperature so there is a reduced chance of causing burns.

If you are a licensed massage therapist and have just recently opened for business you should have a room all set up for your clients with soft lighting and aroma therapy, soft music and fresh linens for your massage table.

When your client enters the room instruct them as to what type of massage they will be receiving so they know what to expect. Show them the stones and let them feel the temperature of them so they are not surprised by the level of warmth. Leave the room and have them remove their clothes and cover up with the sheet provided.

Spread the stones out on the massage table in pairs at approximately two inch intervals along the path of the client’s spine. Have them lay back on the stones. Adjust the stones as needed, they should not be touching your client’s spine. Give them a few minutes to get comfortable.

Take some warmed oil and rub a little bit between your hands then rub the warmed oil on your client’s face. Take four small stones from the stone heating unit and place them on your client’s face. One on the forehead, one on each cheek and one on the chin.

Only uncover the body part you are working on to help keep your client warm and comfortable during his massage. Start at the leg and rub some of the warmed oil on it then pick two stones and rub the leg with them. pick four more small stones and place each one between each toe. Cover the leg back up and repeat this for the other leg.

Massage each arm with the oil, rub the arms with two hot stones and place a stone in each palm. Once this is done, leave these stones touching your client’s body for about ten minutes then remove them in the order you put them on. Have your client roll to one side to remove the stones from the table.

Have them flip over to their stomach and place hot stones on their shoulders and lower back. Keep them covered. Place stones on their buttocks, the backs of their knees and calves, also.

While you are waiting for these stones to work their magic, give your client a head massage.

Clear the stones from your client, stroke their backs lightly to clear the bad energy away from them and be confident that you have given your first client a great hot stone massage.

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