Home Surveillance Can Be Your Best Friend

Home Surveillance Can Be Your Best Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed. When you live alone, home surveillance will take care of your security. Play it right and you’re alright.

Silent walls have stories to tell

When you’re at work, are you confident about leaving your valuables and pets at home? You may hide your gems under lock and key and your dog inside the house, but would you have any idea who was inside your home while you were out? As a single girl living alone in the big city, home surveillance could be your best friend.

Young women looking for that big break in the metropolis should not gamble with their security. Even with the security of multiple locks, there is a chance that an intruder may break in and cart away your prized possessions. A home surveillance system could capture the thief’s image and you can identify him in any police line-up.

Young women who have been murdered in the safety of their apartments cannot come back to tell the tales of what happened to them. The walls will remain mute and their stories will remain untold. It wouldn’t be nice to be another statistic because you reneged on buying yourself some protection.

Armed and Wired

If you latch on to the computer, you can browse the different home surveillance equipment suited for your place. You need not spend a fortune for a surveillance system. You can opt for the two-way intercom for all the entry ways to your place. Some people unwisely neglect the back door where wily thieves can often gain entry. A fixed camera on the back door can be a comforting thought when you are alone in the apartment in the evenings. Wire your IP ready camera to your PC and monitor all areas with your quad monitor. One glance at the monitor you will know what’s going on at the back door, kitchen and your bedroom.

To fortify your home surveillance, get armed. Also, have your mobile phone on the ready and inspect all locks before retiring. Call your parents back home and tell them you are safe in your apartment. At least they’ll know you are okay. If you are strict about your safety, never admit late night visitors unless they are your kith and kin.

Smart surveillance

Surveillance is not always about the enemy. It could also be a convenient way to check up on the house when there is a heavy downpour. Is the basement flooding? Are the shutters safely locked? Is the dog running through the rug? You can check all these out even when you are at work.

Home surveillance need not be expensive. You can maximize your PC and your mobile phone. Save thousands of dollars by just setting up a USB connected webcam for less than and get two cameras for about 0 dollars a piece. If you have a few hundred dollars more, get a PC-based surveillance system. Your credit card should come into good use. This is the best purchase you can make with the plastic card. When living in the big city, make home surveillance your best friend and never settle for less.