Home Inspector School

Home Inspector School

In every city and every state nationwide, in every year, thousands of homes require inspection. Thus is born the career for the new millennium – home inspection.

The demand for home inspection professionals has always been huge and every day that passes, this demand is growing, because people are always moving or relocating or investing in new homes. Home inspectors are in a profession that is as exciting as it is profitable. Real estate inspection, such as home inspection, is a technical and complex field and it demands a professional and trained approach. To get the necessary training and technical background required in this profession, you need to attend a home inspection school.

Why Go to a Home Inspection School?

A home inspection school provides the proper training ground for you to learn the basics of this highly technical job. The main functions of the home inspectors are to perform objective visual inspections of homes and produce a written report of the condition of the property for buyers and/or owners. You can’t do any of these without the necessary training and background you get from a home inspection school, because it is precisely the place where you develop all these skills and knowledge beforehand.

The home inspection school helps you recognize not just the problems of a home’s systems, but identify potential problems as well. The job of the home inspector is to ensure that the home buyer has all the information he needs in order to make an intelligent decision. Thus, your role as a home inspector is terribly important as without your expertise, the home buyer might just be entering into a big financial mess instead of a great investment in buying a new home.

A home inspector school will give you the extensive knowledge you need in various areas of residential construction, such as soils and foundations, wood and construction, roofing, plumbing, electricity, heating and ventilation, air conditioning and heat pumps, appliances, swimming pools and spas, termites and wood-destroying insects and environmental considerations.

Below are a few home inspector schools that you can check out.

A Better School of Building Inspection

This home inspector school offers both extensive home study and classroom courses to help you become a quality home inspector. They also provide you with continuing education courses so your skills in home inspection are increased. Some of their programs include:

* Residential Inspection Home Study
* Live, Hands-On, In-the-Field Courses and Schedule
* New Construction/Code
* Online Home Inspector Business, Marketing, and Liability
* Inspection Forms
* State Licensing and Certification
* Commercial Inspection

Allied Real Estate Schools

This home inspector school offers distance learning courses online for US Residents and military. As a specialist in the technical and complex field of home inspection, Allied demands a professional approach in all their courses. This home inspector school provides you with training programs and outstanding opportunities for internships to let you increase your knowledge and skills.

Education Direct

Another home inspector school is Education Direct serving International countries, US, and Canada. It is a home inspector school that offers distance learning. Their certification course includes details on inspecting house exteriors and interiors, checking heating and air conditioning, and more.

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