Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

A holiday centerpiece would make a wonderful focal point or main decoration for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s and other holiday occasions. You can place the centerpiece on your table, entryway table or other large area or space.

Plus there are limitless ways to make your centerpiece special. You can mix-and-match festive objects you have around your house with materials from a craft or fabric store and even add them to wonderful creations from online stores. Then design and create coordinating pieces for nearby countertop or the mantle over the fire place, front porch or other area.

Some mix-and-match ideas include:

Fall Vegetables

Begin with a pumpkin and gourds. Loosely arrange them on the table or mantle. Set a natural-color candle on each side of your display. Finish your free form art center piece by sprinkling colorful fall leaves all over and around your center pieces. Make sure they are not too close to the candles, of course.

Fall & Winter Leaves & Berries

Simply find a large glass bowl and fill it with beautiful fall leaves or holly leaves and berries. Set a candle on each side of the bowl to showcase the leaves. Then, cut leaf shapes out of construction paper and use them as place cards. Of course you could also press small leaves, and glue them to a plain white place card.

Floral Display of Abundance

Make a dried floral arrangement from fall and winter flowers. Gather some of the plastic sticks that the florists use to hold notecards. Stick them into the floral display, but put photos of the things you are thankful for in them, instead. Or, if you don’t have photos, just write words on notecards and display them in the floral arrangement. Some words you may start with are “family”, “friends”, “food”, “laughter”.

Carve A Pumpkin

Yes, you heard right, carve a pumpkin. Of course you don’t want to go with the traditional jack-o-lantern design here. Instead carve some geometrical designs, or some flowers, leaf-shapes etc. on your hollowed out pumpkin. Add a candle inside the carved pumpkin and light it just before your guests arrive.

Holiday Candle Holders

Get some small pumpkins, Christmas or other candle holders and tiny candles to use with them. Group of few of these candle holders together for a festive center piece. Finish your candle arrangement with a few pieces of native corn or festive ornaments placed around your holiday candle holders. Give the arrangement more dimension by using different size pumpkins, ornaments and candles. Use some scented candles to give your room that Holiday smell.

Dig through your holiday supplies or take a stroll through your local craft store and you will come up with your own versions of these suggestions, or even a creation all your own.

Check out books from your local library for more ideas to decorate your home and business environment. You can make your own centerpieces and coordinating decorations or visit fun shops online. It’s as simple as that!

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