Herpes Heroes

Herpes Heroes

The is only a one letter difference between the words herpes and heroes, and the letters p and o are only one letter apart, which means that no two words can be closer than herpes and heroes.

The world needs more herpes heroes both for those of us with “the gift” and for those lucky 40% of the population who don’t have herpes.

A herpes hero is someone who willingly forgoes their privacy to publicly be identified as a person with herpes and speaks out in order to educate, encourage and enlighten others. A herpes hero helps put human faces on this often-faceless worldwide pandemic.

Not all herpes heroes will choose to take their message to the media, most herpes heroes are making a difference on a much more personal level. They have come out of the closet and have discussed herpes with friends and loved ones and have been like ripples in the water of their own communities.

Why do we need herpes heroes?

Those of us with herpes need herpes heroes because too many of us are living ashamed and stigmatized by the disease. Having herpes heroes lets us know we are not alone, not in the minority. We are 6 out of every 10 people. We are our own nation. But we are a nation without visibility, respect or power.

In this society you are only respected when you stand up for who you are and what you believe in. Herpes heroes believe that it is wrong for people with herpes to be made to feel stigmatized, ashamed and disrespected.

Both the infected and uninfected need herpes heroes to speak out and dispel the misinformation about herpes and speak the truth about this misunderstood disease, especially to the youth. We need herpes heroes to also help promote safer sex. We need herpes heroes to encourage anyone who thinks they don’t have herpes and who has had six sex partners or more to get a blood test for herpes since 70% or more of people with herpes don’t know they have it. We cannot rely on governments, the medical profession, drug companies, or the media to get the message out.

I am not suggesting that everyone who has herpes needs to become an activist and make their herpes status public. Every community needs it leaders. We need a small number of brave people who care to step up and make a difference.

There are no major charities raising money for herpes awareness. There are no celebrities famous or not so famous, willing to admit they have herpes and put a human face on the disease. So it’s up to few of us to do more. Each one teach one, each one reach one.

Christopher Scipio
Holistic Viral Specialist

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