Healing from Home with Low Level Laser Therapy

Healing from Home with Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy is the latest trend in home healing. A type of laser therapy that once was only prescribed and administered in-office by doctors, therapeutic laser techniques are now making their way into the homes of individuals. Let’s explore what low level lasers are all about and how they can help you reclaim your health.

What are Low Level Lasers?

Cold lasers use low levels of laser light with a low intensity to help reduce pain and inflammation, heal wounds, and help reduce the effects of aging. The laser light is the compressed light of a wavelength from the red, cold portion of electromagnetic radiation. It differs from natural light because it produces a precise color, it travels in a single, straight line (producing a single wavelength), and it is polarized, meaning its beam is concentrated to a defined spot or location.

A recent technology called the Scalar wave laser differs from many low level lasers in that the Scalar waves are unified field energy and do not have polarity. Therefore, Scalar wave technology has been profoundly effective for neutralizing chronic pain, stress, disease, and cell memory of any kind.

Low level laser light penetrates the skin’s surface without causing a heating effect. It does no harm to the skin, and there are no known side effects. The laser’s energy goes directly to the cells to promote healing from within. When low level laser therapy is performed, the light is applied to injuries or wounds. It is a “cold” laser light so no skin is burned. Low level laser therapy is often compared to acupuncture, but without the needles.

Other common terms for low level laser therapy include: cold laser, soft laser, and quantum healing laser.

How Can Low Level Laser Therapy Benefit You?

Low level laser therapy offers many practical benefits, and can sometimes even eliminate certain acute and chronic conditions. Some health conditions that might be helped include: arthritis, tendonitis, post-operative pain, lower back pain, migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, burns, swelling, acne, herpes simplex, soft tissue injuries, tennis elbow, and golf elbow.

Low level laser therapy can help relieve pain, strengthen and speed up the tissue repair process, increase the body’s blood supply, develop muscle and collagen tissue, stimulate nerve function and the immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote faster clot formation and healing for wounds. Other benefits include lymph activation, laser acupuncture, laser facelift, organ balancing, chakra balancing, and weight loss.

In-Home Low Level Laser Devices

It’s easy to see how low level laser therapy can be a precious asset to your health. And to save you time and money, cold lasers, or soft lasers, are now available for in-home use. The devices are handheld and easy to use. They are digitally programmed for a variety of needs and to condition the light so it will be relaxing and therapeutic for each user.

In-home low level lasers are usually priced from ,000, depending on the brand name and the features included. Companies vary in the types of soft lasers available, so look for a company that offers the latest soft or cold laser technology with plenty of information up front. You can easily find low level lasers online, but be sure to choose a well-established company. Look for a company that offers a guarantee, helpful training materials or DVDs, one-on-one assistance, and extra features such as pulsars to enhance your low level laser therapy experience.

Unleash the body’s ability to heal itself and take a break from everyday stress with your very own low level laser therapy solution!