Granola Bars

Granola Bars

Granola bars are very common snacks found in households and around the office. They come in an assortment of flavors too so there is likely to be some that children and adults like. They can offer you a good breakfast on the run or an afternoon snack. Granola bars are often made of quality oats and many people refer to them as cereal bars. Some brands are very basic and healthy for you though while others have too many additions that they aren’t as healthy for you as one would like to think.

You can buy granola bars individually or in a box at most grocery stores. Some of the brands are crunchy while others are chewy. You should try out various types of granola bars to decide what your personal preference is. Most stores offer a good variety of them so you will have plenty of opportunity to explore with your taste buds.

Nature Valley is the top brand of granola bars on the market right now. They have the most nutritional value and they come in delicious flavors. These are crunchy texture granola bars without too many additions expect some flavors and colors. Quaker is the next big maker of granola bars. They offer more brands and most of them are the chewy kind of texture. They aren’t as nutritious though but there is plenty of additional ingredients that keep people happy.

Some people choose to make their own granola bars at home. This way they are able to pick and choose the ingredients that go into them. You can make squares too instead of long bars when you bake them on your own at home. Many people love the taste of granola bars better when they are still warm so making their own is a delicious treat they can’t get that way from the grocery store.

Granola bars are very affordable and you will find people tend to consume them in order to satisfy their hunger but not turn to junk food. They are great to carry in your purse, the car, and to have in your office desk. You can even find various brands of granola bars in vending machines.