Grand Cayman Snorkeling All Year Round

Grand Cayman Snorkeling All Year Round

Try Something New

Grand Cayman snorkeling is an exciting experience. The island offers the gentlest, clearest waters and the most fascinating marine life for your eyes to feast on. The biggest island among the three Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman, is certified haven for snorkeling and scuba diving.

If you’ve never tied snorkeling, there is no better place to learn the sport than Grand Cayman. Snorkeling is ideal for every age bracket – toddlers, teens, parents and even grandparents are sure to enjoy the sport. And because the waters are almost current free, learning the necessary snorkeling techniques is safe and easy.

Starting the Hobby

There are over 40 skilled watersports operators around the island, ready to teach any willing student. So finding one will not be a problem. Once you’ve learned the basic snorkeling techniques you can head out to the most popular Grand Cayman snorkeling sites.

As for the snorkeling equipment, you will find that the island is host a great number of diving and snorkeling supply shops. When going on island excursions, you can ask the captain whether they supply snorkeling equipment on you charter.

Best Sights Down There

Stingray City is reputed to be the best snorkeling site in the island. The stingrays you’ll see are majestic and tame. You will be able to feed, pet, and play with the majestic giants. But no, Stingrays are not the only creatures you’ll find in Stingray City. As you peek beneath the sea, you will be greeted by schools of interesting tropical fishes, nurse sharks, eels, and exquisite coral.

But aside from Stingray City, there are is a number of Grand Cayman snorkeling sites that are worth visiting. Eden Rock, found south of George Town, is abundant with yellowtails and sergeant majors. Seeing snorkellers surrounded by clouds of these fishes has become the trademark of this site.

Other Sights

Eden Rock is also popular for its stairs, cuts in its ironshore, that allows the snorkeller easy access to the water. If you get to explore the area in this site, you will find huge coral heads, connected by caves and tunnels. Snorkeling further south, you will find Devil’s Grotto. This is an extension of Eden Rock. Parrot’s Reef, Sunset Reef, and Seaview Reef are other beautiful sites just around the corner.

When snorkeling in Grand Cayman, be sure to visit the Wreck of Calie, the Wreck of Gamma, and the Wreck of the Geneva-Kathleen. These sites promise underwater views like no other. These are beautiful diving and snorkeling sites but are not recommended for beginners.

There are several sunken vessels down in the depths. You will see the remnants of the Wreck of Calie, a four-mastered, 220 ft schooner encrusted with corals and sponges. The half-submerged old freighter that is the Wreck of Gamma is also inhabited by tropical fishes; another sunken vessel, the wreck of Geneva Kathleen, a two-mastered, 200 ft plus schooner, is also the playing ground of colorful tropical fish, eels, and other species.

Other wonderful Grand Cayman snorkeling Sites include Turtle Reef, Cemetery Beach Reef, Coral Gardens, Sandbar, Smith’s Cove, Morrits Tortuga Club, Rum Point Club, East Sunset Reef, and Half Moon Bay. With each having a something different to show for, you don’t have to worry about seeing the same things over and over.