Grand Cayman Scuba Diving

Grand Cayman Scuba Diving

Below the tranquil azure waters that streak Grand Cayman, is a haven for scuba diving aficionados and those who simply love the water, offering a breathtaking destination hard to imagine. It is the opportunity for divers to experience personally the legendary reefs, walls, and wrecks that have made Grand Cayman scuba diving famous all over the world. Even snorkelers and swimmers get the chance to come together with amazing underwater creatures such as turtles, stingrays, tropical fish, and the corals in vibrant colors depicting the rainbow.

Grand Cayman scuba diving allows divers to take pleasure in bathtub-like water temperatures of 79 to 83 degrees, with a visibility often beyond a hundred feet. Grand Cayman scuba diving activities also have an abundance of highly experienced professional dive operators, high-tech live aboard and plentiful snorkel sites and diving sites accessible through boat or straight from shore. The Grand Cayman Island is the perfect setting to discover the underwater realm. Even kids of age eight to twelve can partake in the Scuba Rangers programmes where they are introduced to scuba diving under a professional instructor’s guidance and be able to experience underwater breathing sensation in depths up to twelve feet.

Unlike many other underwater sports hot spots, Grand Cayman scuba diving is ideal as it does not require exhausting travel to lonely stations, as Grand Cayman is just seventy-five minutes away from Miami. A lot of international airlines have direct flights from major U.S. gateways to Grand Cayman such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston, Ft. Lauderdale, Detroit, Memphis, Newark, Miami, Tampa, and Philadelphia, as well as Toronto Canada, London, UK, Cuba, Havana, and Kingston.

Some airlines such as Grand Cayman’s national carrier, Cayman Airways, offers discounted packages for Grand Cayman scuba diving trips. The diver-friendly airline service includes an assortment of accommodations such as easy equipment check-in and a committed team of experts to help dive groups plan the ultimate diving vacation.

Grand Cayman scuba diving’s many diving opportunities includes cave dives, wall dives, reef dives, coral garden dives, wreck dives, Stingray City dives, and so on. For beginners in scuba diving, courses are extensively available and thousands of divers have received their certification while on vacation.

Grand Cayman also observes conservation of the underwater world and strict about the main rule of thumb for scuba divers “Look, but Don’t Touch”. Abundant spectacular coral reefs surrounding the Grand Cayman Island are very sensitive to being touched by divers, and a simple touch can make more damage than ever imagined. Corals that grow less than an inch per year, once damage can take decades to be repaired.

Grand Cayman scuba diving is one of the best in the world and excellent that one can ever find, so for the next scuba diving trip, don’t even have second thoughts in getting on the stunning and out of this world Grand Cayman Island scuba diving sites.

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