Google Glass A Closer Look to Google s Futuristic Device

Google Glass – A Closer Look to Google’s Futuristic Device

Google Glass is a research project of Google to develop a more sophisticated device that would reinvent the head-mounted display technology. While this project is still in its testing stage, more developers and start up entrepreneurs are encouraged to take up a partnership with this venture to build application to this tech giant’s new invention.

Recently, Google announced that the Explorer Edition of Glass will be out in no time for early testers. It also aspired producing a consumer version of Glass that would be affordable to the general public. Though we don’t know what the exact price will be, it will not be far from the price of an average smart phone.

The Glass project is a platform that provides all the services of Google in the band that is placed on the user’s head. The device features the Google’s Android OS which highlight its versatility in the photography and video system.

Google Glass can surpass smart phones because it can be readily used in as far as capturing or recording videos is concerned. Let’s take for example, when you want to take pictures or perhaps record a certain video using your smart phone. First you need to get your phone either from your pocket or bag and turn on the camera. There are times that you are not able to take that memorable scene because of this routine. But with the Glass futuristic features you can simply use a voice command ordering the device to do all these things for you instantly.

Several features of the device include a single USB port which is intended for charging, a small computer display located at the front right eye of the user, GPS, motions sensors and 3G or 4G data connections. It has a built-in front camera with flash; it has also the capability to connect with smart phones though Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi connectivity.

One of the most important functionalities of Google Glass that makes it truly unique is its voice command system. The user can master the device by practicing voice commands. Once the device is activated, you can order it to take pictures, record or play videos and even request directions. Other functions also include email and text notifications, as well as a language translator service while wearing the frame.

I believe the progress for the Glass Collective program is by far the best selling point of Google Glass. However, that still remains to be seen as the device will undergo testing and while more developers and start up entrepreneurs are encouraged to developed applications for the Glass.