Good Guys Finish Last

Good Guys Finish Last

On the heels of Super Tuesday Two, it may not be immediately clear whether the democratic presidential nominee will be Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, but talk show host and conservative author Ann Coulter has it right. Ralph Nader notwithstanding and irrespective of how one feels about Coulter, in the collective eyes of remote helpdesk 1, the 44th President of the United States, whether one likes it or not – all things being equal, will will be a democrat.

As networks began to call Super Tuesday II in the wee hour as of Wednesday Morning, Obama lead in the pledged delegate count, but the Clinton’s have made it clear that they will win at any cost to include stealing the nomination with the help of the super delegates.

Good guys, it appears, truly do finish last. Mike Huckabee compared to the two old angry white men might agree.

The sole reason for the lack of a nominee in the democratic primaries to date is republican interference. Hillary did not win on Super Tuesday II. The primary was thrown to her by the republican party. Ann Coulter opposing Senator John Mc Cain, apparently at any cost, as the republican nominee is urging republicans to vote for Hillary as she (Coulter) sees Clinton as preferable to Obama. Right wing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, on the other hand, in an effort to keep the chaos going urges his followers to vote for Hillary because he believes her easier to defeat in the November general election than Obama. If this were a baseball team involving America’s pass time there would be harsh consequences – ask Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire or anyone mentioned in the
Mitchell Report. Still the Clintons remain Teflon coated.

Right wing conservatives, in the middle of it all, appear willing to cut off their collective nose to spite their face. Ronald Reagan is dead and he cannot be re-elected. So, in the after math of the demise of the father of conservatism, William F. Buckley, many self described conservatives will refuse to vote in the general election. Others will vote for the democratic nominee, and yet others will, as his mother predicted, hold their noses and vote the republican ticket headed by John Mc Cain.

Whatever one’s political persuasion, it is clear that more than democrats have fallen in love during the 2008 election year. The question is, if Hillary keeps applying her feminism witchcraft practices, will the hope of Obama continue to float. Many still have not seen the light. While it is not the only factor by far, having daughters of his own, the Tennessee Mountain Man had rather have Michele Obama and her children roaming around the White House than William Jefferson Clinton with his stogie in hand and his arm around his latest uninitiated intern and a knowing smirk on his lips.

Michele Obama asked, how one who could not run her own house could run the White House. Computer Man agrees. It is a legitimate question. If Hillary could not control Bill when he assaulted Dick Morris and had numerous affairs while Governor of Arkansas as Morris articulates and could not control Bill’s wild ways in the White House while he was president how is she going to keep a reign on him if she is president? As first lady, Hillary surely had more time to devote to soothing Bill’s wandering eyes and various traveling body parts than she would while answering the red phone (which actually no longer exists) at three o’clock in the morning to handle a crises in a far away place in the world.

Like the ever changing internet and web based computer repair, America is in the mood for change. The history of the Bush – Mc Cain wars indicates that no matter who the 44th president of the United States is, there will be change during the next term even should it be that the republican nominee gets elected. Although Mc Cain is trying to pick up the right wing of the political right in the last days he is not and cannot be their cup of tea. We can only hope that change includes hasta la vista to Bush and his Viet Nam Conflict left over cabinet as well as good bye to the Clintons and the nightmare they put the country through inthe 1990s.

The republican party is already looking forward to 2012. The republicans have always expected their hopefuls to fall in line though it has certainly not always worked that way. But, looking forward to 2012 the question today is who will be the presumptive head of that ticket. The current contenders are Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas of whom Bill Clinton even said publicly “that is a good man” and Former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. Of course, depending on Mc Cain’s choice for vice president all bets could be off. The only thing for sure is that the party will learn from this election and will know it will need to be someone with more conservative credentials than John Mc Cain.

But then again, if the Myan Calendar is correct, the world should come to an end before the general election of 2012 which would render all of these considerations mute, and make what we do in the next four years all the more important.

Good Guys Finish Last