Give Your Abode a Makeover with New Home Decor

Give Your Abode a Makeover with New Home Decor

From time to time, every house needs a makeover. While certain changes – like new flooring and new appliances – are extremely costly, there are a variety of ways you can freshen up your home without breaking the bank. There’s no doubt that changing your home decor is fun, but it’s also good for you. Even a few simple changes to your home and garden, or adding touches of seasonal decor, can bring a smile to your face and give your home a new lease on life. Here are several ideas to get you started:

Lamps and Lighting

When it comes to furnishing your home, lighting can mean the difference between dreary and delightful. Choose table lamps that are both functional and fanciful. A butterfly purse lamp, for example, would be a whimsical choice for a little girl’s room, while a dragon table lamp might be fitting for a boy. Or, you can turn your favorite room into a safari getaway by incorporating an elephant table lamp into your motif.

Baskets and Containers

When you use a basket as a decoration, you can tackle two challenges at once: sprucing up your room and adding storage space. Fabric-lined willow nesting baskets are beautiful and utilitarian, while a rattan chest can make tidying a breeze.

For the Garden

Integrate your home decor with the great outdoors by adding personal touches to your front porch, patio, and backyard. Bird feeders and birdhouses bring life to your surroundings, while wind chimes and sun catchers personalize your outdoor space. Add an outdoor fountain and planters to transform your yard into a slice of paradise.


Regardless of the style of home decor that you find appealing, adding collectibles to a room can bring it to life. Whether you prefer animal figurines, miniatures, sports memorabilia, or items with a nautical theme, it’s easy to freshen up your home with collectibles.

Seasonal Decor

Keep your home lively with seasonal decor. It’s inexpensive and fun to introduce small changes that make a big difference. Switch out your throw pillows to earth tones in the fall, and use your pastel table linens in the spring. Many people take the time to sprinkle their homes with holiday decorations, but you can also easily commemorate other occasions, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, with a few decorative items.

Finding Great Ideas

When you need inspiration for freshening up your home decor – or for ideas for gifts – look to catalogs and online shopping sites. With the variety of home and garden items available, you are certain to find inexpensive ways to liven up your living space. If you find items from an online store that you absolutely love, put gift cards at the top of your holiday or birthday wish list.

It’s never been easier to find ways to give your home a seasonal makeover. Take the plunge and give your abode the attention it deserves!

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Give Your Abode a Makeover with New Home Decor