Getting International Internships From The Government

Getting International Internships From The Government

If you are eyeing for an international internship, one good source to get one would be from the government. You can apply for direct international internships in credible organizations under it. With that, you can be sure that the organization you will be applying for has certified international standards an can give your resume a boost.


Unknown to many, the U.S. State Department along with other federal agencies that are based locally or abroad offer some internship programs; both for undergraduates and graduate students. Although most of the positions are unpaid, application is still very competitive. However, most students tend to over look this opportunity, since most would want to look for internships in the private sector.

If you want to enter the competition, then you should do so early. For summer internship, you should apply by November 1, while March 1 and July 1 are the deadlines for fall and winter, respectively.

U.S. State Department

Another overlooked source by most applicants is the international trade offices of city and state governments. You can also get one from different committees of the Congress. Getting a U.S. State Department Internship is actually one good way to see if you would have a promising career in the field of diplomacy.

Although most of these internship programs from the government are usually unpaid, you can still get some benefits out from them. There are times when an intern gets free housing provisions from the government. However, to be eligible to this benefit, there are some criteria that you should be able to meet.

To be able to get free housing, you should be a U.S. Citizen. You should also be a junior or senior undergraduate student. Graduate students can also apply for the provision, as long as he or she would be continuing his or her studies, while interning. You can try checking out the State Department’s website to apply and to know other application details.

U.S. Peace Corps

Another source from the government would be the U.S. Peace Corps. This is also considered to be the best paying and best entry level postion for anyone that is interested in overseas grassroots development kind of work. Here, you get to work and live with ordinary people, unlike with State Department positions.

They also have criteria to be eligible in the position. First, you should be a U.S. citizen. Then, you should also have at least a bachelor’s degree. They would also require you to have a two year commitment with them.

You can get a lot of benefits from them too. First, all expenses are shouldered by them. At the end of your service, you can also get over ,000 of resettlement allowance. They also give you full support and training. Your educational loans can also be deferred or even partially cancelled at times. You can also get a little tuition support if you pursue on graduate studies.

Woodrow Wilson Foundation

Another organization where you can get internship programs related to the government is the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. They offer some internship programs along with scholarship programs. Minorities and women are highly encouraged to apply in their programs.

Most of the scholarships they offer can fund you several years of study and usually includes summer internships and institutes. To apply, you should be a sophomore to get into the 3-year scholarship program, while you should be a senior to get into the graduate school scholarship program, which happens for a shorter period of time.

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