Free Cell Phones

Free Cell Phones

Cell phones and other similar gadgets are what make our society primarily mobile. With cell phones, we can talk to just about anyone from anywhere around the world. Cell phones help us stay connected with friends and family who are now living away from us. In essence, cell phones and other such technology help bridge the gap that occurs over long distances.

But as with all high-tech technology, cell phones don’t come cheap. Yes, they are important and to some, they might even be an absolute must. Still, cell phones cost money and money isn’t something that we can just pick up right off the streets. And with the speed with which cell phones are upgraded these days, it’s inevitable that we all have to buy cell phones not only once but several times if we want to keep up with the times. So how does one afford a cell phone?

Free Cell Phones: Cell Phone Service Plans

The good thing about cell phones is that they often come with service plans. A cellular phone service plan works the same way as a telephone service in that you pay a certain fee per month for use of your cell phone service. Companies who offer such services to the masses often use gimmicks to entice more people into using their products. One of these popular enticements includes free cell phones along with your service plan.

Service plan subscriptions often meant not only low monthly fees but free cell phones to boot. Along with free cell phones, extra features are also offered. So depending on the free cell phone model, your service plan may include email, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Bluetooth wireless technology, et cetera. All these features make your free cell phone even more convenient to use.

Free Cell Phone Sites

Free cell phones are also offered on several online sites. More often than not, these free cell phones are offered only if you subscribe to some type of cell phone service provided by these sites. Websites such as or offer free cell phones along with their subscription service plans. is one of the top websites that offer free cell phones to their subscribers. They have the widest selection of cell phones and cell phone plans at the lowest possible prices. When it comes to deals, they have the best. Some of the free cell phones they offer may mean that you need to mail in a rebate form and after they receive it, you will get a check for the amount of money equivalent to the price you paid for the cell phone model. So in essence, you are not paying for that cell phone; you are getting it for free.

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Free Cell Phones