Foot Detox: The Newest Natural Way of Detoxifying

Foot Detox: The Newest Natural Way of Detoxifying

Heard about foot detox? If so, then great! But, do you know that foot detox is currently becoming one of the newest natural ways of cleansing your body and leaving it free from toxins? Yes, that’s what many people have believed, and although no scientific proofs are available to back up the foot detox claims, the technique is still continually becoming one of the hottest trends in the medical and holistic field.

Foot detox, on the most basic, was developed following the principles of reflexology. Yes, it is patterned on the belief that the feet have certain reflex points that correspond to every organ in the body. So by cleaning the foot with the right detox material placed on the right reflex point, it can help alleviate the pain or any medical condition affecting a particular organ.

The foot detox comes in a number of forms. In the first place, there is what they call as herbal solution. As the name implies, the method simply involves the use of herbs for eliminating toxins. In this case, the foot is just placed or soaked in a foot bath treated with certain kinds of herbs. For the proponents of foot detox, this is a good way of regulating the circulation of blood in the body. As a result, the body allows the system to work on its own way to eliminate the toxins. Many of those who have tried this method have claimed that foot detox gives them a lighter feeling. It relieves pain, as well as swelling. Some have even reported a restful night sleep after applying this technique.

Note the herbal solution for foot detox involves soaking your feet in warm water for about 15 minutes.

The other notable application for foot detox is the so-called “synthetic solution” which simply involves the use of a vibration foot massager. This tool is actually made available in the market throughout the world nowadays, and proponents of this method had claimed that the foot massager really works to help the body eliminate toxins.

The foot detox massager is often combined with an infrared warmer which works on the sole of the so-called “foot reflection zone”. It works in that portion not only to massage the area, but also to kindle it to change the activities that are happening inside the body. This is said to make the body active.

Both the natural and synthetic methods of foot detox are now made available for the people to consider. Along with their introduction, several other foot detox products came out in the market. One of those is the foot detox pads or patches that are applied for the same purpose – to help the body eliminate toxins. Perhaps what’s nice to know about these new trends is that they are now offered by certain holistic and medical centers at pretty reasonable prices.