Family Skiing Holidays

Family Skiing Holidays

For most people, family skiing holidays present two vacation extremes: it can be the best vacation you’ve ever had with your family, or it could be seven days of hell. Either way, count family skiing holidays as one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

So how do you make sure that your family skiing holidays are not only memorable but also enjoyable? Find the ideal family ski resort, that’s how. And we’re here to help.

Where to Ski?

In the past, it was a bit easier to answer that question. Your youngsters were not yet nine. For the perfect family skiing holidays, all you had to do was look for a place that offers a great kids’ club.

But now, things are no longer quite so simple. With kids aging from nine to 11, you know that they have long outgrown kids’ clubs and are now in fact competent skiers. So what you want is a resort where the entire family can ski together. And not only that, you want a place where the choice of intermediate runs are enough to make your week-long family skiing holidays worth it.

If this is not your first time out on vacation with the family in tow, then you are probably familiar with the nightmare of long queues and packed accommodations. You may have observed that this kind of situation commonly occurs on school holidays.

So if you want to avoid all that during your family skiing holidays, choose a resort that has a reasonable number of slopes spread out enough to dilute the crowds. Not only will this afford you the freedom to move about without bumping into some other happy skier, but it lends a bit of exclusivity to your family skiing holidays. It gives off that aura that you and your family are together and alone in the slopes.


Right up there with destination is the important consideration of accessibility. In fact, one can even consider this as the first concern in family skiing holidays, especially if you have young kids in tow.

Children and teenagers are likely to grumble over long distances. You don’t want to have to spend most of your vacation time cajoling them to trudge a long distance from the hotel to the ski lifts. You’re better off spending that time enjoying the rush of the wind on your face and the smell of mountain fresh air as you make your way downhill.

So what’s the bottom line? Look for a resort that provides the easiest access, whether it is access from the highway or access from the hotel to the ski lifts. And believe us, you won’t regret it for a single moment during your entire family skiing holidays.

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