Fake Wholesale Distributors Are Targeting You

Fake Wholesale Distributors Are Targeting You

Product Sourcing Online

If you are looking for products to sell online then you need to be aware of the thousands of resellers posing as wholesale distributors who are targeting your business. Your first intention may be to look through search engines to find wholesale distributors and products at wholesale price. This can be misleading once you understand how a search engine produces the search results you are asking for.

Search Engines

Search engines produce search results through the content of a site, not product sales pages or company information. Most of all the major search engines produce search results based on how often the keyword you are searching for appears on the site and how popular the site is based on how many other sites are linking to it. There are also a lot of other factors that apply that I will not go into here but search engines give results based upon the content of a site.

Fake Wholesale Distributors – Middle Men

If you were to search for wholesale distributors using a search engine you will notice that you will find barley any sites offering bulk wholesale goods. Most of all of them will show you a huge inventory of items that you can resell and offer you drop shipping services and some of which require a membership fee. This is the biggest sign of a middle man. A middle man will set between you and the real supplier and get a lot of other people to sell their goods for them; they will pose as a real wholesale distributor. They build their websites with enough content to get the search engines to pick up their website in their search results targeting people like you to do all their hard work for them.

Product Saturation

The problem with buying from a middle man like this is that not only does it cut into your profit but the products are also a lot harder to sell. If one of these fake wholesale distributors has about two hundred other people selling all the same products, most of which will be on eBay and other internet malls, then you will have to lower your price even more to compete. Everyone will be working against each other.

Real Wholesale Distributors

A real wholesale distributor is a company that receives goods from the manufacturer and stocks them in bulk to ship out to their major retailers for resell. A wholesale distributor does not advertise their products and really has no need or intention of advertising their business. They just stock products and ship them out to their retailers. The likelihood of finding a real factory direct wholesale distributor using a search engines is very slim.

Work From Home Scam

These middle men will tell you how you can make thousands of dollars every month working from your computer at home. They provide the products for you to resell and some will even provide web hosting and software to help you manage your business. Only a small percentage of people could actually make something like this work, even competing against some of the world’s biggest companies selling the same products. It takes a lot of time and money to advertise your business on the web and get a good flow of customers shopping in your store everyday. In some cases people end up spending more than they can make while others only make very little profit and deciding it isn’t worth its time and effort.

Product Sourcing Research

When searching for products to sell online you need to be buying from a real wholesale distributor if you want it to be worth your time and money. Finding real wholesale distributors involves a process called product sourcing research which you can find more information about from my site.