Easiest way to start earning online by monitizing my websites

How to monetize your website and get $$ effortlessly?

I am the owner of several websites and do all my best to get profit from them! Usually, it takes much time and effort to make money with a website. So it is always great to get passive income from your websites without any hassle. Soon after I created the MageNet account, I got my first $100 just for placing ads on my sites. Need I say a word that my profits have increased and I get them every single month. I also get a substantial bonus of up to 80% for my website’s quality. Sign up for MageNet and you’ll be amazed the same as me!

Income Proof


Now you can monetize your website or blog as simple as ABC. Just complete these steps and start selling ads from your website:

  • Add all your websites.
  • Install automatic ad placement plugin
  • Set up the desired prices
  • Add mobile phone and set up your notification settings
  • Check out ad placement rules
  • Implement all 23 Steps to Earn More from Your Website
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Do you already monetize your
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It is the easiest and the fastest way to monetize a website. All you need to do is to
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What Benefits Do I Get From MageNet?

If you’re looking for ways to make a legitimate extra-income, monetizing your websites with
Benefits from MagNet
MageNet can provide you with the perfect platform to place contextual ads on your own terms. You will get:

  • Access to our wide-scale network of advertisers 

  • Automatically installed ads on selected web pages

  • Regular payments for placed ads via PayPal

  • The most targeted advertisement that looks natural to visitors

  • Full control of web pages
    that are available for advertising

  • You can set the fee that will not depend on the traffic amount

  • You can view detailed statistics of your ads and pages where it is shown

  • MageNet Plugin can be combined with other monetization systems to maximize income

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​To get a flying start with Magenet, I recommend to get some deleted domains with high pagerank, the advertisers will like it. More info here.