Dogs Make Me Smile

Dogs Make Me Smile

I am the owner of two miniature dachshunds who share my house and home. Many dog owners would rephrase that and instead call me the human who shares the house with the dogs. Dogs are indeed wonderful creatures.

Recent experiences have made me reflect upon and notice things about dogs and their presence in my life. I grew up with dogs so was taught at a young age to appreciate and treat animals with loving care. I recall clearly watching our pet Boston Terrier comfort my little brother who sat on the floor crying about something.

My friend came over to walk the dogs today and as she stood on the doorstep Peanut, my 12 pound dachshund stood up to lick her face. I belong to a PLR site for dog articles and there have been several written on this topic – all as if this was a bad thing. This got me thinking…..

Both dogs lick my face when I’m in bed and I call this ”kisses”. Peanut will go so far as to stand on my chest with all four paws so he can give my full face a wash including my eyes. This usually only happens every couple weeks yet I endure because he’s my dog. Bark goes after my husband more because the only time he gets to lick his face is in bed whereas I’ll sit with them during the day.

My dogs also jump up on me when I walk in the door and will do this with others they know. Again, the articles say this is bad and that you should train your dog to quietly accept a short pat on the head as a way of greeting. When my two dogs have been apart for as little as ten minutes they greet each other very enthusiastically. Why shouldn’t they greet me and my friends in the same fashion.

I’ve decided that regardless of what the articles may say, I’m all for having my dachshunds jump up and lick my face. First of all, they’re just being dogs and second of all they are my friends and they don’t know any other way of saying hello. I figure if they can make me smile and laugh it can’t be all bad!

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