Disadvantages on the Playstation 3

Disadvantages on the Playstation 3

It’s hard not to be overly critical with Playstation 3, being it a system that costs more than what an average American can earn monthly. When you pay for something that costs 0 or more, its only natural to expect a game console that it would deliver a game experience anyone will enjoy right out the box.

But with Playstation 3, “right out of the box” experience just isn’t viable…for now. Maybe it will be several months later but for now the disadvantages on the Playstation 3 isn’t just worth its ludicrous price tag.

Playstation 3 is expensive because it houses the most high tech component implemented to game consoles. Xbox 360’s 3.2 GHz PPC Tri-Core Xenon just couldn’t match the raw power and massive capability handling of floating point kernels of Playstation 3’s 3.2 GHz Cell Broadband Engine that also has 1 PPE and 7 SPEs, much less Wii’s IBM PowerPC-based “Broadway”. And that is speaking much, in a game arena where realism is the most selling issue besides game factor. With Playstation 3’s brute silicon power, skin textures should be so convincing that you’d be swearing you’re looking at the real thing.

Or what the manufacturer claims.

Because for all realism is worth, ALL the games that accompanied Playstation 3’s launch were mediocre at best. For realism, you’d be surprise how realistic the fighters of Fight Night: Round 3 would be: skin textures, facial expression, body hair, you’ll be convinced enough of its realism. You’ll wish that they would stay still, because if they move, you’ll begin to see the difference. Fighters skidding on the floor, check. Animations clipping, check! Quirky moves? check! And this is the seventh generation gaming.

The biggest disadvantages on the Playstation 3 are its insane price, at 0. And the big disadvantages on the Playstation 3 is heightened on the fact that it has presently none of the great titles you’d wish it’d have. Oh, Resistance: Fall of Man is good, but between Gears of War > Resistance: Fall of Man.

Another big disadvantages is its Blu-ray drive. It is seen by many as an unintelligent move to support a high-density format while the format wars are still raging. They should have made it an optional item so that they could avoid a vamped console price. But no, Sony is Blu-ray’s biggest supporter and every console should sport this ludicrous component wherein none of the games yet have implemented such media format. Take note that this component costs more than 0 on the console cost manufacture.

You see, the disadvantages on the Playstation 3 make it the inferior choice for a seventh generation game system. It might be the better choice next year; who knows. After all, it obvious Sony was targeting years into the future with a system this powerful.