dating in demand advice for men, this a hoax ?

dating in demand advice for men, this a hoax ?

dating in demand

Is your style of dating on demand ?
Is this the typical men’s dating advice ? No ! What is dating in demand ? Aight ! Here it goes ! It’s the bottom line ! ! ! What’s the bottom line ?

Women….Women….Women.. and more Women.. hallelujah women, and to have your style of dating on demand with these women ! The problem is where to get them and how to get a lot of them right (aka getting a piece of a hot mami’s Chocha)? Holla back if you feel me. Hallelujah holla back ! The problem with the bottom line is there’s lot’s of wanna-bees out there telling everyone they have the way of all ways to get the honeys with this method or that method. Mostly there are ebooks full of mis-information on how to be a damn comedian not a dating in demand player ! They tell you to crack a joke, maybe take a jab at a female’s self esteem and BOOM you’re in ! If you believe that then you better start believe’n they make three dollar bills & pigs have wings ! True enough a joke or two can help break the ice but this usually works when you’re already a real deal dating in demand player and some female is all up on you. You feel me ? But how the heck do you get some fine female on you like you were the last man on earth ? Well that’s what mack’n, play’n, and the dating in demand game (and it truely is a game) of getting hot females is all about. Not your typical dating advice !

First thing, this dating in demand thing can be done by anyone no matter if your ugly, fat, skinny, average, rich, poor, or whatever your situation is. Yes we’ll make your style of dating on demand, the best in men’s advice ! Case in point every PIMP has started out poor. So, how the heck did he get his female ? Have you ever seen a real handsome PIMP ? I haven’t, so how does he get these 19 year old model looking females interested in him ? It aint his looks that’s for damn sure ! So what does the PIMP have that the square man don’t ? He has knowledge. PIMP knowledge, street game, and he knows how to play the right strings in a females head the dating in demand way.

Second thing, is no matter what your problem you need to change it, flip it, alter it, and make your game as tight as 68′ fly low rider whip rollin down the block as anyone that understand dating in demand will tell you. Case in point the catipiller that becomes a butterfly. When it’s a catipiller people wanna step on it, but when it’s a butterfly people wanna be around it especially females. You change your game, your attitude, your appearance, life style, and knowledge in the dating in demand game, women will want to be around you ! Again I ask you is your style of dating on demand, or is the game making sense, which it should !

Third thing, with dating in demand is you need someone with experience that’s been there and done that to show you how to really put it down ! Some one that knows the clubs, the bars, and the all around scene. Someone that has dated all types of females. Someone with success under their belt and that has knowledge in the dating in demand GAME.

The reason for all dating in demand stuff is females are tricky, materialistic, munipulative, crafty, picky, and are aware of their worth. This makes it tough for even the slickest of dudes to get in with these females. You know, the females everyone wants. The Import Tuner Model types, the fine females that need to be in a Rap video, yah know LA 10’s ! Hold up I thought that females that were LA 10’s have the lowest self esteem ? Yes and No as i will show you with dating in demand. You have to ask yourself why they constantly surround themselves with hot guys that have nice cars ? 1) because it reassures them that they’re worth that attention. 2) is because they know they’re worth that attention ! I mean come on you’re telling me these hot women don’t have a clue they’re hot ? Of course they know that’s why they use their looks to get all the stuff they want from dumb wanna be players, haha reverse dating in demand ! Tip my friend, a real dating in demand player don’t pay for a women’s sex or company and I mean it ! Any guy that does is a sucker punk !

What I’ve done is put my years of success with females into a easy to understand forumla that works. I Teach the things every man wants to know, and every man needs to know with my dating in demand methods ! Again, I ask you is you style of dating on demand ? It will be whe I’m done with you, the dating in demand way !

Get’n sex from fine females the dating in demand way

Get’n females to buy you stuff

How to really sexually satisfy the women you bed down

How to run the clubs, bars, and pull some of the finest females out of them ala dating in demand

Learn how to take the impossible world of internet dating into getting dozens of females all over you and fill’n up your email want’n to meet you !

How to use your nationality to your advantage and to increase get’n females to holla at you. No matter what your nationality player (asian, black, white, latino, mixutres, etc) there’s always a slick advantage with dating in demand !

How to stay single and not get locked down until you want to settle.

How not to get played buy female players.

Plus more with dating in demand ………………………. I was just so tired of these chumps offering BS dating ebooks that in my opinion are worthless. That’s why I decided to put my information down for your reading pleasure with dating in demand so I could in a way coach you into being a real deal slick dating in demand player. I go step by step and walk you threw helping you change from being a worthless loser that females can’t stand into a player women can’t get enough of ! Like I said before it don’t matter if you’re fat, skinny, ugly, rich and shy, poor and shy, or even the average dude just trying to get some you can do it ! I will coach you to be on demand this dating thang, threw what to say, where to go, and how to be.

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