Culinary Arts Online Schools

Culinary Arts Online Schools

So you want to learn culinary arts online. Wondering where online you can obtain a degree in culinary arts? Well, don’t wonder anymore. The truth is, you’ve got the right page.

I have actually mentioned below some of the most well-known culinary arts online schools where you can obtain a degree in cooking. Note, however, that this is not a complete list, so there are still a lot of culinary arts online schools that are not included here. So if you want to find out more about the schools, then there’s no other better way of finding your best choice than to go online by yourself. You’ll be surprised as to how much information you can gather about the available or currently operating culinary arts online schools.

But before you do your own search, consider first the following. After all, these featured culinary arts online schools are great enough for you to get started. Here are the best picks:

Branford Hall Institute

Founded in 1965, the Branford Hall Institute has been serving high quality culinary arts education at its five campuses. It has been consistently developing its reputation in the culinary world as one of the most prestigious higher learning facility for an outstanding culinary arts education. It is important to note that the degrees offered here are certificates.

Kendal College

The Kendall College has attained great reputations in the culinary field for several years. It was originally founded in 1934 and has been offering the high quality culinary arts education since then. Today, this one of the leading culinary arts online schools offers a number of programs available for the culinary enthusiasts. There includes associate degree in backing and pastry, culinary arts and accelerated culinary arts, bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and culinary arts, and certificates for culinary management, hotel management, profession catering, baking and pastry, and a lot more. All of these programs are conducted by professional instructors.

The Art Institute Online

According to several claims, joining The Art Institute Online can be one of the best decisions you can ever make in your whole life. This is perhaps due to the fact that unlike the other culinary arts online schools available, The Art Institute Online has proven itself with an 80-year record of excellence and commitment. This institution is actually a division of the Art Institute of Pittsburg which has been around since 1921. They have long been offering online classes for culinary art students both day and night, allowing their students to choose whether they will take up the daytime courses or the nighttime classes. Today, this one of the leading culinary arts online schools offers about 13 degrees programs that differ from each other.