Credit Cards: Initiation & Precaution

Credit Cards: Initiation & Precaution

Credit Cards have become a part of our daily lives these days and it is hard to imagine a day going without the comfort of a credit card tucked in your wallet. However, convenience comes with risks, which arise due to our negligence. As soon as your credit card arrives, follow a few steps to avoid any inconvenience.

First Step With A New Credit Card

You should duly sign credit card as soon as you receive it. Report the errors (if any) to the credit card company immediately. You should keep important numbers to be used in case of loss/theft of credit card, your pin number and phone banking details such as your password and terms and conditions, payment options and activation guide safely. It helps to keep an identity card with your credit card, which might come handy if you encounter any signature mismatch or any problem during any transaction through your credit card.

Precautions With Credit Cards

Credit card use calls for caution to avoid being duped of your hard earned money. You should in all circumstances avoid handing over your credit card or its details to someone else like your friends. You should avoid using cordless or mobile phones while communicating your credit card details, as it is easier to intercept the radio waves. While handing your credit card to the gas station attendant you should be careful as your 16 digit card number and its expiry date can be copied by him while swapping a couple of times, which can be misused to commit a fraud. During an Internet transaction through your credit card you should go through the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of the website/company as it is at this platform where your credit card information can be hacked by miscreants.

Credit cards have become more secure with government and other agencies taking steps for its safety and reducing inconvenience to the consumer. Even then, the onus is on you to take steps to secure your credit card and information, starting by taking evasive steps right from the time when your credit card arrives.