Crafting Ideas for Children – Keep it Simple

Crafting Ideas for Children – Keep it Simple

Kids love to do craft projects, there is no doubt about it. But I think children, especially younger children like to have their projects less structured. I totally think this is true because they can be more creative and have more fun that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I come up with craft ideas for my daughter and we have a lot of fun with them, but she seems to have more fun creating her own craft ideas.

A few years back I went to our local good will store and bought a ton of craft supplies for very little money. I bought beads, pipe cleaners, glitter, stickers, feathers, yarn, lace, buttons, and just a ton of crafty type stuff. I put it all in a big box with some glue and glue sticks and thus my daughters crafting box came into existence.

We have since added stickers, markers, cotton balls, sequins, and other stuff we find.

I bought a big tablet of thick paper and thus her “scrapbook” came into existence. She loves to get it out and create different pages of ideas and creations. She cuts pictures out of magazines and adds them to it as well.

Sometimes she just makes her own craft projects out of the materials instead of doing her “scrapbooking” and she has a great time. The only drawback to her scrapbooking is sometimes she uses a lot of glue and we have to wait for it to dry before she can turn the page and move on to her next crafting creation.

So don’t always think structured when it comes to craft ideas for younger children. You and they will probably have a lot more fun if you let their imagination rule the project. After all it is their creation so there is no wrong or right to it. They are less likely to become frustrated because they can’t make their creations look just like they are suppose to as well.