Clever Mayor Roy Nagen: Has Runoff Election With White Guy Who Looks Just Like Roy Himself

We wouldn’t even hazard a guess at the odds against such a outcome, but the runoff election in New Orleans looks about as bizarre as anything you’re likely to see even in the Mardi Gras.

Roy Nagen, the Mr. Malaprop of mayoral politics, who alienated white voters when he voiced the proud hope of making the city, in the wake of Katrina, “chocolate again,” has gotten himself caught up in a runoff election with a white guy, Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu, who, at least to us, looks just like a paler version of Roy himself.

Answer the following true or false questions:

Do both gentlemen shave their heads?

Do both have similarly round faces?

Do both of their ears curve the same way?

Are their noses amazingly similar?

So what’s going on here? Is clever Roy actually both candidates? Could he have asked Michael Jackson for advice on how he might transform himself into a whiter shade of Roy?

As the saying goes, if it walks like a bird from the bayou and it talks like a bird from the bayou, it must be a bird from the bayou.

All we can say is, may the best man win, especially if the two candidates are different men.