Choosing Play Toys for Your Dog

Choosing Play Toys for Your Dog

All dogs, especially puppies, thrive on stimulation and enjoy
playing. Although it’s great to play with your dog, it’s not
always practical or possible to do so all the time. That’s
where specialized dog toys come in – they can help keep your
dog busy and ensure his mind is occupied. But what types of
toys are right for your dog and how do you go about choosing
a toy for your furry friend?

These days, there are a range of toys available to suit all
preferences and tastes. Some dogs love chasing things, so
balls that can be thrown are ideal, whilst others thrive on
huge amounts of chewing or time spent puzzling over a strange
looking toy. Finding out what would be best for your dog may
be a case of trial and error. If you notice, for example, that
he seems fond of chewing your slippers, then a toy to chew
would be a good starting point. If you’re not sure, buy a
selection of different toys and try them out one by one. It
may be that he appreciates the variety and enjoys them all,
or you may find one in particular appeals more.

Ensuring you purchase a safe toy that won’t harm your dog is
just as essential as making sure toys bought for young
children are safe. Each year many dogs suffer accidental
injuries that can be nasty and painful as a result of
swallowing small pieces of toys, broken off pieces of sticks
or even the squeaky parts from inside novelty squeaky balls.
So before you buy, make sure that the toy is well made,
sturdy and doesn’t have any parts that might come off and
end up injuring your pet.

Some of the common types of dog toys include toys that can
be tugged, chewed, thrown or offer some form of puzzle or
novelty factor. Find out more about them below.

Toys to tug

Dogs that love to play tugging games are bound to enjoy tug
toys! These come in various forms, such as rubber rings or
hoops, and are generally designed to be held by a human on
one side and by a dog on the other. A good quality, durable
tug toy should last for ages, despite plenty of tugging activity,
so remember to look for a well made option. When you’re not
there to aid in the tugging, they can often double up as great
chewing toys.

Toys to chew

Whilst dogs would be happy to chew your slippers, furniture
or anything tasty looking that comes into view, it’s not
always so great for owners to have anything and everything
chewed to threads! That’s where toys to chew come in and can
be an absolute joy to your beloved pet. Toys designed to be
chewed are usually made of strong, hard rubber, so that they
last for ages and give your dog plenty of amusement.

Toys to throw

Many dogs traditionally love having a stick thrown for them
to chase after, but sticks can pose a danger if bits break
off and get stuck in the mouth or throat. If your dog enjoys
toys that are thrown, choose alternative options such as
balls or rubber objects that can be safely thrown and chased.
Standard tennis balls are great, but you can also get
specialised balls designed with attachments. As well as being
great exercise for your dog, this type of play doubles up as
good exercise for you, too!

Novelty toys

A quick peek in a good pet shop or online store will reveal
a huge selection of novelty dog toys on offer, from things
that squeak and make noises, to furry toys and strange toys
to give dogs something to puzzle over. If your dog responds
well to noises, then squeaky toys could provide hours of fun,
plus they’re good to chew. Do take care to ensure the squeaky
part doesn’t come loose easily though, as they’re not
designed to be swallowed. Toys that are puzzling are ideal
for dogs that like quieter, drawn-out entertainment and those
that are happy playing on their own.

As a whole, dog toys can provide hours of fun and enjoyment,
and help your dog develop into a playful animal, so why not
treat your pet today?