Baseball Products—Caps

Baseball Products—Caps There is no better way to show your love for baseball than to don on a baseball cap all the time. Won’t they just know that you are a baseball babe or guy if you have those sporty yet trendy headgear coverings your gorgeous locks? There are now many available baseball caps in …

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Samurai Armor Part 1

Samurai Armor Part 1 The first prototype for Japanese samurai armor came about in the form of the yoroi during the Gempei War of 1181-1185. The weight of the yoroi was around 60lb. The upper-body armor of the samurai was known as the ‘Do’. This comprised of the ‘Sode’, the suspended shoulder and upper-arm protection …

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Hair Loss

Hair Loss To all bald-headed men. When you drive at night do you have to turn your head down to low beam? Yes, there are many such thoughtless jokes about baldness, in both males and females. However, loss of head hair really is a problem, which causes a great deal of worry and unhappiness, to …

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