Female Hormones

Female Hormones Hormones are chemicals, which transfer information and regulate many processes throughout the body. They serve many important functions in our lives. For women there are many specialized female hormones that affect them from the beginning of life right into old age so it is important to learn as much as possible about them.

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“Hormones”: 14 Keyword Density “Acne”: 3.8% “Hormones”: 3.3% The Acne and Hormones Connection The development of acne is said to have a close connection with the changes in hormones. Certain studies have noted that people suffering from acne often have oily skin due to the high level of androgen and testosterone hormones present on the

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MENOPAUSE HORMONES Summary: Discussing the many controversies surrounding the menopause hormones. The occurrence of menopause is already as complicated as it is and dealing with contrasting issues on menopause hormones is something that we can certainly do away with. Some women go through menopause with more difficulty than others. Menopausal symptoms mostly bring discomfort which