Growing Roses

The 3 Types Of Roses

The 3 Types Of Roses There are several rose classification schemes used throughout the world. But the most popular system is that proposed by The American Rose Society (in cooperation with the World Federation of Roses). While the other systems are still in use, the majority of internationally established societies have adopted this one. According […]

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Rose Gardening Tips

Rose Gardening Tips “In the driest whitest stretch of pain’s infinite desert, I lost my sanity and found this rose.” – Rumi The ancient Muslim poet, jurist, and theologian, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, may not have stumbled madly upon the very first rose back in 13th century Persia but he certainly immortalized it poignantly in

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Designing Your Rose Garden

Designing Your Rose Garden The use of landscape roses can make the exterior of any house more graceful, fragrant and inviting. Selecting the right varieties to compliment and accent the home’s style and your vision, will contribute to the success of your landscape and rose garden design. Finding the perfect roses for your rose garden

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How To Prune Roses

How To Prune Roses Pruning your roses is an essential part of rose maintenance. There are many ways and opinions on the best way to prune, when the perfect time to prune is, and which roses need pruning. Many seasoned rosarians have their favorite tested methods. Pruning roses is not as complicated as some people

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Rose Growing Tips

Rose Growing Tips Planting a rose garden can greatly enhance your landscape. However, it intimidates many beginners to try to grow roses. Rose growing is thought to be quite difficult by many. Reports of roses getting such things as powdery mildew can make the novice fearful of giving rose growing a try. Yet, by paying

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