A Good Attitude Is Empowering

A Good Attitude Is Empowering “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” – Scott Hamilton Attitude is so important. It is probably the most important thing worth talking about in all the self -help material you will come across. Why; because attitude controls your mind which controls everything. It’s what makes the difference

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Jacksonville Beach Restaurants Succumb to Multi Family Housing Boom

Jacksonville Beach Restaurants Succumb to Multi Family Housing Boom Just over a month after the First Street Grill’s final New Years Eve bash, another popular eatery on the Intracoastal Waterway closes its doors for the last time. The Lighthouse Grill, located at the San Pablo River bridge on Beach Blvd. has been sold to Chase

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A Presidential Debate

A Presidential Debate Talk about a controversial topic! The recent debates were something else. The interesting thing is this, if you’re like me, you’d probably already decided who you were gonna vote for, long before election day ever came. And then, as you watched the debates, the guy who ain’t gettin your vote tended to

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Floating In Mindfulness

Floating In Mindfulness Feeling disappointed? It’s time to float. The time-honored approach to disappointment generally involves a fair amount of wallowing followed by a concerted effort to move on. Okay, this can work. But a more mindful approach includes an interim phase between these two. It’s a unique opportunity to “float”. When things don’t go

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Liberia’s Woman President

Liberia’s Woman President Commander in Chief, the new ABC television drama chronicling the fictional presidency of the first woman President of the United States, has not presented us with a pretty picture of politics as usual in Washington, D.C. Suspecting that we are still seeing a less brutal version of what people will do to

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