Communication Technology

Web Conferencing Tools

Web Conferencing Tools With the power of Internet connectivity in full force, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Businesses worldwide are experiencing the change that the Internet and the resulting advances in technology, bringing with it tools that are designed to realize the globalization dreams of corporate minds all over. One such tool is […]

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HughesNet used for commutation during the San Diego Fires

HughesNet used for commutation during the San Diego Fires The recent fire disaster at California has affected a major area of San Diego. Orange County and Malibu was also severely affected. The fire had destroyed many houses, affected the power supply and has almost destroyed the entire telecommunication services. There was no form of communication

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cisco voip

cisco voip Cisco VoIP, Easy Shortcut to an Effective and Unified Communication Technology has a never-ending story. It speaks about change and evolution and not about permanence. From film-making to video game consoles, expect that technology will find a way to change these things into something that will interest the public as well as have

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Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics With the need for more bandwidth needed for communication signal transmission, fiber optics technology has risen up to answer to even the highest of demands. This technology seems to be the future of communication infrastructure and systems. The theory behind its function is just ideal for one’s high requirements and for any future

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Office Communication: Tips to Stay Connected

Office Communication: Tips to Stay Connected Want your office to run as smoothly as possible? The first step involves improving communication. There’s nothing more stressful than lack of communication in an office setting. When co-workers don’t work together as a team, problems and misunderstandings – big and small – can arise, causing unnecessary dilemmas and

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Satellite Communication Technology Development

Satellite Communication Technology Development Satellites have been orbiting the earth for several decades now, and are constantly contributing to the evolution of global communication. Satellite cell phones have made it possible for people to make phone calls from anywhere in the world, no matter how remote their location, and have been extremely useful in coordination

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