Chinese Lantern

Halloween Payday Loans

Halloween Payday Loans Halloween, which is celebrated on October 31, the eve of All Saints’ Day, is a tradition that may be fraught with horrifying expenses. A person will need money for costumes, parties, and Halloween gifts. Halloween costumes don’t come cheap. Making these costumes has grown into a thriving business because people demand that

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Hotels In Hong Kong

Hotels In Hong Kong When it comes to traveling to Hong Kong for winter vacations, it is more likely that traditional celebrations of this season run away with your mind, bringing images of the Chinese New Year’s Parade, which is in fact, one of the main seasonal attractions in the city. However, Hong Kong became

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Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns Chinese lanterns are a very integrated part of their traditions and this goes back to the very early days of their culture. Each year they hold the lantern festival where thousands of them are lit and displayed. This celebration takes place on the 15th day of the first month during a lunar year.

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