Cap Cana Dominican Hotel Resorts!

Cap Cana Dominican Hotel Resorts!

Get Struck with Natural Beauty and Luxurious Estates at Cap Cana, Dominican.

Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, is set to be the world’s next great destination, as is bannered in its official website. This is far from fiction. The plan for Cap Cana includes the largest inland marina in the world, a number of luxury hotels, villas, and beach clubs, five golf courses and private estates. The master plan is to make Cap Cana the top tourist destination, this side of South America.

Known sports celebrities and businessmen have their sights on the land of Cap Cana, Dominican Republic. In fact, 3 of the golf courses are signature golf courses of professional golf player Jack Nicklaus. One of these signature golf courses, the Punta Espada has already debuted at number 77 ranking on the 100 best golf courses outside the US territory. The 2008 PGA Tour is slated to be staged right at Punta Espada.

Global businessman Donald Trump, on the other hand, is developing “Trump at Cap Cana,” a real-estate project sprayed on 1.5 acres of land. It is such a promising real-estate development project that it was chosen by the May 2007 winner from the Apprentice reality show to be under her direction. It wasa officially launched on the same month and the real-estate project is called Trump Farallon Estates.

Cap Cana, Dominican Republic has targeted the marina to be one of the most modern in the Carribean with about 1,000 slips that will cater to mega-yachts. In fact, Cap Cana is already part of the map having already participated in the West Palm Beach Boat Show and the International Marinas Stand or IMA. The IMA is attended by foreign dignitaries around the world.

Despite of the architectural and engineering projects, the country aims to maintain it as an ecological and environmental wonderland, implementing the latest designs and technology while still preserving nature at Cap Cana Dominican Hotel Resort project.