Canadian Diamond Traders

Canadian Diamond Traders

Canadian Diamond Traders is an extremely successful international diamond company located in Toronto, Canada. For the past two years, they effectively specialized in marketing diamonds to brokers and jewelers in Canada.

A new direct marketing division was launched by Canadian Diamond Traders in December of 2004, which is designed to allow the company to effectively sell a very high volume of their first-class diamonds at extremely low wholesale prices. This would enable anyone, which includes you if you are interested, to become a registered distributor and earn $ 100, 000 or more income very quickly.

Canadian Diamond Traders is a member of American Chamber of Commerce (Canada) and went through the audit process and received an endorsement from this prestigious body. Their diamonds are harvested from private mines in India and around the world in which the company is well connected. Additionally, their gems are graded and appraised by Gem Scan International. Gem Scan International is the largest and renowned accredited appraiser in Canada and they appraise for Birks, Mappins, Tiffany’s, and other famous jewelers and brokers. Gem Scans’ appraisers are also GIA-accredited. Gemological institute of America, GIA, is the world’s largest and most respected institute of gemological research and learning.

Gem Scan is an ISO 9001 registered, which is an international standard recognized throughout the world for establishing business management systems for both manufacturing and service companies. If a company receives an ISO certification, this means that their financial and ethical commitment to providing customers with products that are of high quality and nothing less. If a company becomes 9001 registered and certified, it will incessantly be reviewed every 6 to 12 months to ensure continuous commitment to maintaining high business standards.

If you are into related business that Canadian Diamond Traders is, this may be your chance to immediately earning the kind of income you wish in your life. There are two great programs that CDT offers: $ 500 entry level or $ 100 entry level. Every cycle from the $ 500 program, you’ll get $ 3000 plus one diamond worth $ 2700. However, when you cycle from the $ 100 program, you’ll get $ 500, which is automatically entered into the $ 500 program plus one diamond worth $ 400.

There’s no limit as to how many positions you can have, the number of times you can cycle, definitely no limit as to how many times you want to receive $ 3000 plus valuable diamonds. Easy money, isn’t it? So, if you are seeing yourself the way Canadian Diamond Traders hoping you’ll be, go to and find out more of the details of this exciting program. If you want an easy way of getting rich, might as well try what CDT is offering to people like you.