Camera Cell Phones

Camera Cell Phones

To be sure, cell phones are really the hottest new mobile gadgets in the marketplace these days. Never mind what sort of cell phone you have, whether it’s WAP-enabled, Bluetooth, or Infrared-based. Most of the cell phones in the market anyway have all these capabilities and more. Take a little experiment for one.

Try standing on a crowded street corner where people are most likely to gather, waiting for the stop light to change. Persuade someone, some friend you have to call you on your mobile right about there. And you’ll notice that at least about a dozen or so people in the crowd would reach for their pockets or purse to see if their phone was ringing. Had enough proof?

There is no doubt that cell phones have caught on like wildfire in the bushes. However, the popularity of mobile phones is hardly surprising. After all, they do offer constant communications from just about anywhere. But what does amaze some people is the popularity of camera cell phones.

Today’s cell phones can be used to do just about anything. So with just a touch of a button, you can instantly send and receive e-mail, play games, send text messages, surf the Internet, and keep track of appointments. And the best thing about all this is that you can do it even while on the go. But is this why cell phones are practically selling like hotcakes? Marketing analysts will agree. However, they would also say that it is the ability to double as a digital camera that has people excitedly purchasing new phones.

Camera cell phones were first introduced in Japan several years ago. Camera cell phones immediately clicked in the Asian cell phone market. However, it was not until two years ago that camera cell phones were marketed in the US and became available to the masses. At first, they weren’t that popular. But as soon as people began to see the extreme convenience afforded by camera cell phones, the devices became so well liked that some have predicted that they will be the most popular consumer device in history.

Industry analysts say that a huge number of camera cell phones were sold last year. In fact, these camera cell phones comprised 12% of the total cell phones in 2003 and they were steadfast in the belief that that number is growing rapidly. According to research firm IDC, more than 80 million camera cell phones have been sold worldwide.

It may seem to you that a camera cell phone would be no different than having a cell phone and a camera. But if truth be told having a camera in your mobile phone makes for an entirely different experience. It means that you can have cameras with you constantly, that the camera will be always ready to shoot a quick photo, and that the images can be quickly and easily transferred to others.

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