Broadcasting Art Degree

Broadcasting Art Degree

Do you like listening to the sound of your own voice? Those who have a powerful voice and can speak clearly can do well in radio broadcasting. Radio broadcasting is an art form and one that is still going strong, despite the advent of television. There are many different radio stations and options for just about anyone who is diligent and wants to get a job in this competitive yet lucrative field.

A person who wants to get a broadcasting art degree needs to attend a good school that specializes in radio broadcast. There are many different schools throughout the United States that offer broadcasting degrees. Prior to applying for college, a person should be sure that this is what he or she wants to do and then apply to an accredited school.

You should have a good speaking voice in order to go into broadcasting. For years, this was a field that was open almost exclusively to men. More women today are now breaking down the broadcasting barrier and getting their own radio programs. With the popularity of FM radio that began in the 1970s, there are thousands of radio stations across the country and each of them has time slots open for those who are interested in careers in radio broadcasting.

A person who comes out of art school with a broadcasting degree cannot expect to get their own radio program right away or even within a matter a few years. However, there are many entry level jobs in radio and the pay for these jobs is generally good. This is the best way for a person interested in broadcasting to learn the radio business. Like any other job in any corporation, you will have to work your way to the top. There will be occasions when they will need someone to fill in for certain time slots and this may be your opportunity to show them that you have the power of keeping the audience not only entertained, but more importantly, from changing the channel.

Once you have made a name for yourself in broadcasting, you will most likely always be able to find work, even if you are found to be offensive, such as the case with Don Imus and Howard Stern. As soon as people begin to grow used to hearing you, you will build up an audience of loyal listeners who will be eager to turn into your program. Most broadcasters, however, never gain the notoriety such radio personalities as Howard Stern. In most cases, radio broadcasters work for years for the same station and become a staple of the station rather than a celebrated figure.

A broadcasting art degree can lead to a very lucrative career in radio as well as other broadcasting media. If you have a good voice and feel that you would like working in the radio field, you should investigate the possibility of obtaining a degree in broadcasting. Even if you never have the pleasure of being host to your own radio program, a career in the radio industry can be fun, exciting and creative.